Wedding at Box Hill Mansion at Regents' Glen

Daniel failed his junior history class. The story would end there if he weren’t forced to retake it the next year! He wound up getting the best grade in the class; the bigger success, though, was meeting classmate Sarah. They started dating and shared their first kiss under a streetlight while walking Sarah’s family’s dog. The Bride Sarah Whiteley, 28, third-grade teacher The Groom Daniel Coppersmith, 28, accountant The Date June 28 Twelve years later, Dan asked Sarah to go on a walk with the two dogs they now shared. When they got to a streetlight, Dan stopped. Sarah, clueless about his plan, kept walking. When Sarah turned around, Dan was down on one knee. “It was the first and only time our dogs behaved on a walk,” she says. They had a short engagement of just eight months and decided on muted colors, a bird theme and old-fashioned details to match the vibe of their mansion setting.