White Buttercream Cake with Cascading Pink Peonies

High Modern Curled Chignon

Ombré Cutting Cake with Colorful Floral Topper

Textured Four-Tier Buttercream Cake with Peach Flowers

Vine-Trimmed Buttercream Cake on Mirrored Platter

Bohemian Flower Crowns and Curls

Combed Buttercream Cake with Playful Pink Flowers

Elegant Chignon with Gold Floral Comb

Hand-Painted, Three-Tier Cake with Peach Flowers

Hand-Painted Gold Fondant Cake

Hand-Painted Gold Ikat Cutting Cake

Decorative Buttercream Cake with White and Purple Flowers

Curled, Down Hairstyle with Classic Veil

Summery Garden-Inspired Wedding Cake with Fresh Berries

Vine-Accented Buttercream Cake

Blush Buttercream Cake with Whimsical White Piping

Garden-Inspired Naked Cake on Rustic Barrel Stand

Hand-Painted Blush and Gold Naked Cake

Romantic Side-Swept Curls

Homemade Buttercream Cake with Succulents

Glam Gold-Patterned Cake with Fondant Laurel Wreath

Romantic Side-Swept Bridal Hairstyle

Purple Ombré Cake with Custom Topper