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Bride in Fitted Lace Gown and Crown Smoking Outside Industrial Venue

Navy-and-Gold Invitation For LGBTQ+ Wedding, Rainbow Flag, Elephant and Accessories

Red String Being Tyed Around Couples' Wrists During Khmer Knot-Tying Ceremony

A Bride in a Traditional Pakistani Wedding Dress Tears Up Holding Hands With Groom

Silver, Rhinestone High Heels and Wedding Jewelry

Sikh Bride and Groom Admiring Rings, Henna, Traditional Wedding Attire, Jewelry, Religious Ceremony

Sikh Bride, Henna Hand and Engagement Ring, Bracelet Bangles and Colorful Lengha, Ceremony

Bride in Pink-and-Gold Sari Wedding Dress With Pink Veil

Bride With Red Locs, Crystal Crown and Colorful Makeup Smiling in Wedding Dress

Bride and Groom ay Interfaith, Khmer Wedding in Green-and-White Attire

Ladies Help Bride With Updo and Dress With Buttons into Her Wedding Gown

A Bride Holds a Natural, White Bouquet of Wildflowers

Pakistani-American Bride and Groom in Golden Wedding Attire Pose

Sikh Bride and Groom During Prayer at Religious Ceremony, White and Gold Fashion, Achkin and Lengha Outfits

Bride and Groom During Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony, Customs, Gold Outfits

Bride Dressed in Traditional Indian Attire, Yellow, for Haldi Tumeric Ceremony, Flower Accessories

Bride and Groom in Traditional Khmer Clothing in Purple, Gold Holding Hands

Simple, Classic Invitation Suite in Champagne and Pale Blue Colors

Bride in Simple Dress and Groom in Light Gray Suit Pose Amongst Aspen Trees

Bride in Pink Outfit, Veil Holds Parasol With Groom in Sherwani and Sword

Bridal Beauty Shot, Wavy Down Hairstyle, Glamorous Makeup, Pink Eyeshadow, Nails

Sikh Groom in White Achkin Outfit With Sword, Bride in Colorful Lengha With Intricate Details Holding Groom's Palla

Couple Embracing in Pink Suit and Boho-Chic Wedding Dress at Spring Wedding