Rose- and Mint-Embellished Cake

Simple White Wedding Cake

Rustic, Rough-Frosted Wedding Cake With Pink and Red Roses

Silver-Leaf Wedding Cake

Elegant Trio of Wedding Cakes on Gold Stands

White, Blush and Gold Dessert Table With Seven Cakes

Simple, Small Wedding Cake

Elegant White Wedding Cake

Elegant White Cake

Homemade Naked Wedding Cake with Wood Cake Stand

Sophisticated White Cake

Five-Tier White and Cream Wedding Cake

Pink Dessert Table with Love Marquee Sign

Hungry Hero Dessert Company Wedding Cake

Cake on Rustic Tree-Trunk Stand

Rustic Buttercream Cake With Fall Flowers

Blue, White, Gold Cake With Pink Roses

White Buttercream Wedding Cake With Anchor Detail

Naked Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Square Wedding Cake Sfogliatelle

Elegant White Wedding Cake With Blush Roses

Gold Fondant Round Wedding Cake

Naked Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze