Wedding Cakes

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Naked Cake Covered in Peonies

Greenery and Lantern Installation Over Dance Floor and Cake Table, Tented Reception

Custom and Unique Bell Escort Card Display and Four-Tier Clay-Toned Cake

Four-Tier White Wedding Cake With Black Layer, Upward Drip and Fresh Red Flowers

Single-Tier White Wedding Cake With Simple Heart Toppers on Wood Charger

Two-Tier Wedding Cake With Banana Leaf Wrapped Around Top Tier, Tropical

Bride and Groom in Traditional Teal Yoruba Attire Cutting Cake, Cupcake Tower

Double-Exposed Photo of Bride in Mini Reception Dress, Groom in White Suit Cutting White Cake

Three-Tier White Wedding Cake With Cascade of Fresh White, Orange, Blush and Blue Flowers

Single-Tier White Wedding Cake With Marble and Gold Design, Fresh Wine-Colored Flowers

White Three-Tier Wedding Cake With Artful Edges on Tables Surrounded by Blush Flowers

Three-Tier White Wedding Cake With Custom Name Topper and Dyed Flowers

Three-Tier Creative Wedding Cake With Globe, Colorful Watercolors and Cascading Flowers

Two-Tier All-White Wedding Cake With Edible Frosting Bead Detailing

Two-Tier, Orange-and-Pink Wedding Cake With Flowers, Geometric Shapes, Disco Balls

Two-Tier Wedding Cake Decorated With Butterflies and Flowers

Four-Tier Wedding Cake With Panels in Shades of Pink, Designs and Fresh Flowers

Double-Exposed Shot of Single-Tier, Heart-Shaped White Wedding Cake, Flowers

Orange-and-White Cake Topper With the Golden Gate Bridge, Airplane and Last Name Banner

Four-Tier White Wedding Cake With Tall Layers, Gold Cake Stand and Floral Details

Single-Tier Emerald Green Wedding Cake With 3D White Floral Details

Simple, Single-Tier Naked Cake With Colorful Frosting Layers Surrounded By Colorful Flowers

Four-Tier White Wedding Cake With Geometric Pattern, Cascading Bright Flowers