White Buttercream Cake with Fresh Flower Accents

Garden Rose and Dahlia Naked Wedding Cake

Blue Fabric-Inspired Floral Cake

Square, Three-Tier Naked Wedding Cake

Lemon Raspberry Cake Accented With Flowers

Three-tiered Vanilla Cake with Gold Foil

Washington Square Park Arch Wedding Cake

Classic White Wedding Cake with Leafy Greenery

Rustic Buttercream Cake with Rustic Teal Cake Stand

Ivory Wedding Cake with Pink Peony

Fresh Purple Orchid Wedding Cake

Pastel-Colored Buttercream Wedding Cake Tiers

Pink and White Peony Sugar Flower-Decorated Cake

Rustic Wedding Cake with Yellow Signs

Winter Sugar Frosted Naked Spice Cake

Whimsical Mossy Cake Display with Candelabras

Four-Tier Buttercream Cake with Rhinestone Ribbon and Ivory Ranuncluses

Individual White Single Tier Wedding Cakes and Meteorologist Groom's Cake

Ivory Beaded Wedding Cake with Roses

Whimsical Pink Floating Wedding Cake

Whimsical White Vintage Piano Dessert Table

University of Texas Wedding Cake

Blue Wedding Cake, White Floral Accents