White Buttercream Wedding Cake with Cascading Roses

Three-Tier White and Purple Ombre Wedding Cake

Ivory Wedding Cake, Red Cake Flowers

Ivory and Coral Ruffled Wedding Cake

White Buttercream Wedding Cake with Blue Satin Ribbon

White Buttercream Cake With Cascading Dahlias

Pastel-Colored Buttercream Wedding Cake Tiers

Pink and White Peony Sugar Flower-Decorated Cake

Ivory Wedding Cake, Flowers and Bows

Orchid Cake

White Cake

Flower Decorated Cake

Cascading Floral Cake Topper

Floral Cake Display

Naked Chocolate Cake

White Wedding Cake With Sugar Flowers

White Wedding Cake

Mint Green Wedding Cake

Cascading Pink Floral Cake

Peony Decorated Cake

Three Wedding Cakes

Ombre Floral Cake

Colorful Cake Table