White Buttercream Wedding Cake with Cascading Roses

Three-Tier Naked Cake with Strawberries and Roses

Three-Tier White and Purple Ombre Wedding Cake

Gorgeous Four Tier Buttercream Wedding Cake Decorated with Greens

Tiered Naked Wedding Cake with Fresh Fruit

Cookie Crumb Cupcakes Key Lime Wedding Cake

White Buttercream Wedding Cake with Blue Satin Ribbon

Sugar Aspen Leaf-Decorated Fondant Cake

Four-Tier Rosette Fondant Wedding Cake

White Buttercream Cake With Cascading Dahlias

Pastel-Colored Buttercream Wedding Cake Tiers

White Wedding Cake on Vintage Cake Stand

Intricate Four Tier Wedding Cake in Blush, Gold and Ivory

Sugar Roses, Peonies and Orchid Wedding Cake Decor

White Buttercream Wedding Cake with Gold Fans

Small, Round Chocolate Wedding Cake

Two-Tier Buttercream Wedding Cake and Cupcake Desserts

Rustic Textured Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Almond-Decorated One-Tier White Buttercream Cake

Rustic White Textured Buttercream Cake

Four-Tier White Buttercream, Rose-Decorated Cake

White Rose-Decorated White Buttercream Wedding Cake

Three-Tier White and Gold Fondant Wedding Cake