Panini Appetizers

Villa Miani Passed Appetizers

Fresh Fruit and Cheese Spread

Dessert Table With Homemade Pies and Vintage Decor

Rustic, Elegant Outdoor Reception, Food

Late-Night Chicken and Bubbles

Passed Appetizers at Garden Reception

Thanksgiving-Inspired Dinner Menu

Passed Watermelon Cube With Burrata and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Tuna Tartare Taco Appetizers

Wood-Fired S'mores Desserts

Cocktail Hour Craft Pickle Bar

Cocktail Hour Movie Popcorn Stand

Mini Ice Cream Cone Desserts

Mini Ice-Pop Cocktail Hour Appetizers

Lamb Meatball and Rosemary Yogurt Hors D'Oeuvres

Fresh Vegetable Dinner Platter

St. Louis Gus' Pretzels Escort Cards

Creative Catering

Bloody Mary Beverages

Modern Appetizers

The Food

Panko Crab Cake Food