Lace Wedding Cake With Burgundy Flowers

Two-Tier Wedding Cake With Cascading Roses

Wedding Cake With Gold Accents

Simple, Elegant White Wedding Cake

Colorful Naked Cake With Orange Blossoms and Fruit

Whimsical Patterned Wedding Cake

Elegant Fairy-Tale Tablescape

Rustic, Rough-Frosted Wedding Cake With Crimson Flowers

Crostini Station at Outdoor Reception

Garden-Inspired Wedding Cake With Ivy

Classic White Wedding Cake With Unusual Flavors

Eight-Tier Wedding Cake

Terrariums Hanging Over Head Table

Watercolor and Gold Foil Cutting Cake

White Chocolate Creme Brulee Cake

Artisanal Bread Wedding Favors

Red and Gold Wedding Cake Display

Hearty Ranch Food at Montana Wedding

Unusual Wedding Cake With Berries and Blue Corn

Four-Tier Wedding Cake

Rose- and Mint-Embellished Cake

Buttercream Wedding Cake with Cascading Flowers

Sushi Small Bites