Villa Miani Passed Appetizers

Chicago Illuminating Company Wedding Reception

"Love" Marquee Light-Up Sign

Elegant, Rustic Outdoor Cocktail Hour

Rustic, Elegant Outdoor Reception in Big Sur

Margarita Satellite Bar at Cocktail Hour

Custom Wooden Cocktail Bar With Umbrellas

Chai Tea Drink Station

Metallic Luxe Lounge Furniture

Outdoor Cocktail Hour With DIY Lawn Game

Elegant Vintage Cocktail Lounge

Vintage Dresser Cocktail Hour Bar

Morgan Manufacturing Rooftop Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour at Chateau St. Jean

Outdoor Lounge Area With Furniture

Cocktail Tables With Blue Sequined Linens

Cocktail Hour Craft Pickle Bar

Cocktail Hour Movie Popcorn Stand

Personalized 'The Cardinal Tavern' Cocktail Hour

Bright, Custom Cornhole Set

Elegant Lounge With Provencal Flair

Live Aerialist Cocktail Hour Performance

Canopied Lounge Furniture