Passed Mini Sliders

Chic Cocktail Hour Lounge Furniture

Poolside Cocktail Hour

Hand-Lettered Mirror Bar Menu

Mini Fried Chicken and Waffle Passed Appetizers

Waterfront Dock Cocktail Hour

Outdoor Cocktail Hour at Boone Hall Plantation

Vintage Bees Knees Signature Cocktail

Elegant Tufted Leather Cocktail Lounge Couches

Tented Backyard Cocktail Hour

Sophisticated Gold and Lavender Lounge Furniture

Mini Pigs in a Blanket and Beer Shots

Glam Gold Sequined Cocktail Table Linens

Soup Shooters Served at Cocktail Hour

Elegant Stone Barn Cocktail Hour

Turquoise Table Linen with Embellished Mirrors

Rustic Plaid Cocktail Tables and Wooden Antique Decor

Blush and Ivory Cocktail Hour with a Custom Bar and Greenery Backdrop

Vintage-Inspired Connect Four Cocktail Hour Game

Custom Monogrammed Corn Hole Boards

Greenacres Art Center Outdoor Cocktail Hour

Bright Retro Cocktail Lounge Furniture

Rustic Chalkboard Whiskey and Bourbon Bar