Proscuitto-Wrapped Apple Passed Appetizers on Wood Platter

Eclectic Couple at Palace of Fine Arts

Faux Fur Bridesmaid Cover-ups

Glam Organza Bridal Cape

Dim Sum Station at Cocktail Hour

Bruschetta Passed Appetizers with Fresh Tomatoes

Soup Shooters with Grilled Cheese Bites

Fashionable Bride and Groom in New York City

Chalkboard Sign at Cocktail Hour

Casual Send-Off

Custom Hand-Painted Leather Jacket

After-Dinner Doughnut Cart

Monogrammed Popcorn Bags

Roaming Cocktail Hour Oyster Shucker

Late-Night Mac and Cheese Lollipops

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses with Coordinating Plaid Wraps

White Faux Fur Cover-Ups

Passed Grilled Cheese Squares

Bread and Cheese Cart for Cocktail Hour

Modern Navy Jacket with Red and Blue Pocket Square

Steak and Fries Bites Served on Individual Square Platforms

Hot Dogs and Beer Flight on Paddle

White Faux Fur Bridal Coverup