Breaking of Glass Tradition at Eilan Hotel Balcony

Nicole and Shawn's Second Line Exit

Paris Lock Bridge Ceremony Tradition

Eve of Milady Wedding Dress on Custom Hanger

Groom and Bride in Purple Shawl with Red and White Rose Bouquet

DIY Paper Cones

Bright Yellow Bridal Heels and Shoe Sixpence

Sand Pouring Ceremony Tradition in Cancun, Mexico

New Orleans Black Wedding Party Second Line Tradition

Ceremonial Horse Transports Groom to the Ceremony

Traditional Ceremony at Lawrence Chapel

Bride in Fur Wrap

Photo Pendant Bouquet Wrap for Philadelphia Bride

Grass Seed Recessional Toss

Vintage Fur Bridal Wrap

Traditional Louisiana Cake Pulls

Nigerian Basket-Exchange Unity Tradition

Ivory Rose Boutonniere on Jacket

Taupe Bridesmaid Dresses with Cream Wraps

Traditional Jewish Ceremony Wine Glasses

Paper Cones for Recessional

Chilly Fall Chattooga Belle Farms Wedding

Winter White Fur Wrap