Christy and Austin Climbing Town Bell Tower

Traditional Jewish Hora Dance

Hora Dance at Modern, Interfaith Wedding

Traditional Military Processional

Hindu Hand-Washing Wedding Tradition

Tossing the Bouquet to Bridesmaids

White Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

Kylie and Paul Wine Box Ceremony Tradition

Traditional Pittsburgh Cookie Table

Traditional Bride and Groom Blessing

Family Vintage Wine Goblets for First Toast

Traditional Ketubah Signing

Jessica and Josh's Military Arch Recessional

Mala Beads Wedding Ceremony Tradition in Gulf Shores

Catherine and Tom’s Second Line Tradition

Wooden Wine Box Ceremony Box

Hora Jewish Tradition at Reception

Wine Unity Ceremony

Aliisa and Sam’s New Orleans Second Line

Filipino and Korean Wedding Traditions

Advice Cards, Alternative Guest Book

Chinese Lion Dancers at Houston, Texas Reception

Indian Wedding Ceremonial Tradition