Casual Send-Off

Traditional Recessional with Pink Rose Petal Toss

Colorful Pom Pom Wand Tunnel

Couple in the Lake of Camp Sacajewea in Farmingdale, New Jersey

Trail Creek Ranch Pasture

Late-Night Sparkler Exit

Reception Exit Rose Petal Toss

Vintage Horse-Drawn Carriage

Late-Night Sparkler Send-Off

Glamorous Bride and Groom Exit in Classic Convertible

Ultra-Romantic Sparkler Exit

Sparkler Exit in a Beaded Jumpsuit with Removable Skirt

Traditional Exit in Classic White Cadillac

Vintage White Porsche Wedding Exit with Tin Cans

Playful Bubble Ceremony Exit

Sparkler Reception Exit Under String Lights

Festive Send-Off with Maracas

Glowing Exit with LED Rave Sticks

Ski Lift Exit at Alpenglow Lodge in Alaska

Postceremony Skiing

Garland-Draped Vintage Getaway Car

Classic Sparkler Send-Off

Boho Ceremony with Bubble Release for Recessional