Vintage Jewel-Tone Glassware

Colorful and Eclectic Centerpieces at Dining Table

Dark Place Settings with Custom Menu

Purple Vintage Glassware

Classic Champagne Tower

Signature Cocktails in Coupes, Served on a Malachite-Pattern Tray

Suspended Greenery Over Reception Head Table with Sequin Linens

Engraved Glass Menus

Red Cocktails in Vintage Glassware

Moscow Mule Signature Drink

Modern Place Settings with Colorful Dinnerware

Tropical Pink Centerpieces

Glamorous Gold Striped Plate with Classic Menu

Luxury Reception with Tall Rose and Hydrangea Centerpieces

Elegant Alfresco Reception with Blue, White and Green Tablescapes

Tables with White and Teal Linens

Place Settings with Taper Candles, Pink Accents and Vintage Glassware

Casual and Modern Place Settings

Chinese-Inspired Place Settings

Spicy Margaritas in Vintage Cocktail Glasses

Rosemary-Garnished Cocktails in Vintage Coupes

Mismatched Gilded Cocktail Glasses

Thistle in Glass Jars and Blue and White Place Cards