Vintage Green Lounge Furniture at Outdoor Cocktail Hour

Lounge Furniture with Pillows and Fur

Luxe Ivory and Gold Lounge with Domed High-Back Chairs

Sweetheart Table with Velvet Chaise and Floral Runner

Glam Black, White and Gold Lounge Furniture

Bohemian Vintage Lounge Setup

Cocktail Hour with Antique Lounge Furniture

Gray Monogrammed Lounge Pillows

Couches and Chairs as Ceremony Seating

Chinese-Inspired Lounge Area

Romantic Outdoor Reception Lounge Area

Modern Black Lounge Furniture and Printed Pillows

Bohemian-Chic Cocktail Lounge with Woven Rugs

Bohemian, Mid-Century-Style Lounge

Vintage Boho Lounge Furniture

Draped Lounge Area with Mismatched Yet Coordinating Furniture

Crocheted Hammock Lounge

Spanish-Style Outdoor Lounge Area with Blue Couches and Throw Pillows

Glamorous Cocktail Hour Lounge Area with Gold Sequined Pillows

Cascading Ivy Lounge Installation

Modern, White Tufted Lounge Furniture

Jewel-Tone Vintage Lounge Furniture

Vintage-Inspired Lounge Area with Airy Draping