Wedding Necklaces

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Two Her Vows Booklets in Leather, Pearl Necklace, White Heels

Guest Applying Turmeric Paste to Bride's Forehead in Modern Indian Ceremony

Groom and Bride in Hindu Garlands, Gold Jewelry and Colorful Indian Attire Embrace

Indian-American Bride in Blush Colored Lehenga With Ornate Necklace, Earrings, Head Piece

Bride in Robe With Oranges, Greenery Holding Champagne With Light Makeup

Indian Bride, Bangles and Henna, and Groom in Sherwani Hold Hands at Ceremony

Indian Bride Bowing Her Head During Her Haldi, Traditional Turmeric Ceremony

Bride in Modern, Sleek Wedding Gown and Minimalistic Jewelry With Bright Bouquet and Sunglasses

Save the Date With Couple's Photo, High Heels, Disco Ball and Pearl Necklace

Couple in Traditional Hindu Wedding Attire Laughing at Elegant Dining Table, Gold Accents

Pearl and Gold Rosary With Cross, Elegant Catholic Accessory

Groom Dries Bride's Feet at Baraat Ceremony With Rose Petals

Gold Wedding Necklace Jewelry

Indian Groom in White Sherwani and Groomsmen in Green and Gold Kurtas

Grandparents in Black Tie Attire, a Teal Gown and a Classic-and-Formal Black Tuxedo

Bride in Modern Gown Getting Emotional Reading Vows From Book at Casual Ceremony

Bride in Hindu Wedding Attire Watching Guests Throw Colorful Petals During Ceremony

Bride Dancing During Wedding in Maryland

Bride in Pink Lehenga and Groom in Ivory Sherwani, Floral Necklaces, Hold Coconut at Baraat

Bride in Beauty Shot, Light Makeup and Gold Flower Earrings With Groom

Groom in Smart-Casual Attire and Bride in Emerald Slip Dress, Engagement Photos

Bride in Red and Gold and Groom in Dark Suit Carrying Gifts to Indian Wedding Ceremony

Bride and Groom in Sunglasses Before Motel, Desert-Inspired Wedding With Burnt Orange Bouquet