Wedding Necklaces

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A Bride in a Traditional Pakistani Wedding Dress Tears Up Holding Hands With Groom

Bride in Pink Outfit, Veil Holds Parasol With Groom in Sherwani and Sword

Sikh Bride and Groom in Blue-and-Gold Outfits at a Pre-Wedding Event

Bride With Colorful Bouquet and Updo Embraces Her Dad in Blue Suit

Bride in Emerald Green Lengha Dress and Groom in Classic Tuxedo Holding Hands Before Their Sikh Reception

Sikh Bride and Groom During Prayer at Religious Ceremony, White and Gold Fashion, Achkin and Lengha Outfits

Bride and Groom Leave Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony, Sunglasses, Guests Throw Flower Petals

Bride in Pink-and-Gold Sari Wedding Dress With Pink Veil

Pakistani-American Bride and Groom in Golden Wedding Attire Pose

Sikh Groom in White Sherwani With a Turban and Sword at Ceremony

Sikh Groom in Sherwani With a Sword, Turban Embraces Bride in Pink With Jewelry

Bride in Sweetheart Dress and Low Bun Embraces Groom With Orchid Boutonniere

Couple in All-White Ensemble, White Tuxedo and Sweetheart Dress in Floral Venue

Sikh Bride in Gold, Red and Green Lengha, Veil, Bracelet Bangles, Earrings, Henna and Other Jewelry, Getting Ready

Bride and Groom During Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony, Customs, Gold Outfits

Bride in Traditional Indian Sari and Pink Veil With Roses in Hair

Sikh Bride in Pink Outfit, Veil Poses With Her Parents

Bridal Bouquet With Arkansas Razorbacks Championship Ring and Grandparent Portrait

Bride in Strapless Dress and Low Bun Hairstyle Hugs Groom in Tuxedo

Bride in Emerald Green Lengha Dress and Groom in Classic Tuxedo Cut Their Green, Four-Tier Wedding Cake, Luxurious Dessert, Sikh Wedding Reception

Sikh Bride and Groom Admiring Rings, Henna, Traditional Wedding Attire, Jewelry, Religious Ceremony

Bride in Traditional Indian Lehenga Walks With Wedding Party at W South Beach in Miami

Bride and Groom Pose in Traditional Native American Navajo Attire at Ceremony