Wedding Party Entrance

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Purple Checkered Dress Shirt and Tie

White Drapery Wedding Reception Entrance

Red Roadster Ceremony Entrance

Tented South Seas Island Resort Reception Entrance

Quantum Leap Winery Champagne Entrance

Traditional Liberian Wedding Entrance

Grand Entrance

Wedding Advice

Hayley Paige Subtle Striped Wedding Dress

1929 Mercedes Convertible Bride's Wedding Entrance

French Park Reception Entrance

Bubble Wedding Entrance With DIY Archway

Virginia War Memorial Grand Entrance

Bohemian Lace Daughters of Simone Wedding Dress

Traditional Kenyan Drummers for Reception Entrance

Elegant Black-and-White Wedding in Malibu

Wedding Party's Dancing Entrance

Ian Stuart Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ballroom Reception Entrance at the Jefferson

Cathedral of Christ the King Ceremony

Saks Fifth Avenue Beaded Reception Dress

Nelson's Green Brier Distillery Entrance

Dinner and Dance Party