Wedding Pies


Guests Enjoyed a Spread of Mini Apple, Pecan and Pumpkin Pies


Mini Peach Pie Desserts in Mason Jars

Mini Heart-Shaped Hand Pies

Dessert Bar With Variety of Sweets

Pi Day Mini Pies

Modern Dessert Tables with Pies and Wooden Platters

Dessert Table with Mini-Pies and Cream Puffs

Bohemian Style Dessert Table with Various Pies

Casual Pie Display with Calligraphy Cards

Tiered Pie Dessert with Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Assorted Fruit and Nut Pies

Dessert Table With Homemade Pies and Vintage Decor

Personalized Pie with Punny Fork Favors

Dessert Table with Pies and Ice Cream

Dessert Table with Cupcakes and Miniature Pies

Rustic Dessert Table with Boozy Pies

Pie with Animal Toppers

Individual Pies for Dessert

Seasonal Mini Pies

Mini Baked Pies Assortment

Farmhouse Dessert Table with Pie, Candles and Leaves

Dessert Bar Pie