Wedding Ties

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Bride Wearing Blue Suit for Wedding at Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida

Groom in Brown Suit with Boutonniere of Dried Grasses

Bride Honors Father with Personalized Tie

Classic Same-Sex Couple with Blue Suits, Orange Ties and Greenery Leis

Wedding Party in Neutral Dresses and Blue Suits with Green Ties

Kumquat Boutonniere with Greenery and Leaves

Grooms in Blue and Brown Suits with Skinny Floral Ties

Blue Suit with Purple Tie and Patterned Socks

Groom in Purple Suit for Wedding at Machine Shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Couple Shares Embrace During Wedding in Durham, North Carolina

Floral Necklace Accessory With Purple Suit

Denim Jacket for Wedding at the Unique Space in Los Angeles, California

Modern Couple with Flower Veil and Whimsical Patterned Tie

Polka Dot Pocket Square and White Ranunculus Boutonniere

Rosemary Wreath Boutonniere with Baby's Breath

Blue Check Suit With Purple Tie and Tulip Boutonniere

Boutonniere for Wedding at Anthony Chapel in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Same-Sex Couple Wedding Portraits in Springfield, Missouri

Groom's Floral Print Tie with Matching Boutonniere

Romantic Boutonniere and Pink Tie

Vintage Brown Suit Jacket

Groom in Pink Floral Print Tie and Pocket Square

Floral-Print Tie and Cusco-Blanket-Wrapped Boutonniere