Helicopter Ceremony Arrival

Couple Kissing in Chrystler Convertible in Field

Vintage Car at Villa Aurelia in Rome

African-American Couple Making Reception Exit in Luxury, Classic Rolls-Royce

Grand Exit in Vintage Car

Groom's Arrival at Traditional Indian Wedding

Vintage Rolls-Royce Grand Exit

Vintage Car Exit Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church

Bride and Groom Arriving Via Vintage Boat

Traditional Exit in Classic White Cadillac

Luxury Rolls-Royce Ghost Transportation

Couple Exit Ceremony in White Rolls-Royce

Classic Rolls Royce Outside of Our Lady of Sorrows in Kansas City, Missouri

Bride's Family Greets Groom

Horse and Carriage Reception Exit

Newlyweds with Getaway Car at Philadelphia Wedding

Classic Bride Making Entrance in Luxury Rolls Royce

Classic White Rolls-Royce Getaway Car

Outdoor Recessional with Horse and Carriage

Vintage Entrance Vehicle

A Classic White Car Arrival

Rolls-Royce getaway car

Antique White Rolls-Royce