Wedding Veils

Photos in

Bride Admiring Red Veil With Intricate Detailing in Red Qipao Dress, Red Shoes

Bride With Traditional Gold Indian Jewelry and Gold Lehenga

Bride in a Red Suit Jacket, a Bolo Tie and a Bold Boutonniere With Bride With a Long Veil

Bride in Off-the-Shoulder Gown, Long Veil With Groom in Charcoal Suit at Golden Hour

Bride in Full-Skirt, Off-the-Shoulder, A-Line Gown With Lace Details and Long Veil

Bride and Groom Kissing at Lake Como Wedding Ceremony Lakeside

Bride and Groom Exchange Vows Outside in Tuscany Amid Olive Trees, Natural Setting

Bride and Groom Hold Hands Without Looking at First Look in Historic Location

Bride in Short-Sleeved Gown With Long Veil and Colorful Spring Bouquet

Fairytale Wedding Ceremony

Bride and Groom With Wedding Guests Being Led Down the Street in New Mexico by Mariachi Band

Groom and Bride in Off-the-Shoulder Gown Kiss, Floral Structures and Bouquet in Fall Colors

Bride in a Minidress and Groom in Checkered Suit With Champagne in Hotel Suite

Bride in Fitted Gown With Her Mom in Silver and Bridesmaids in Fuchsia

Bride and Groom in Classic Attire Embracing at Tuscany Wedding

Pakistani-American Groom Opening Floral Curtain to See Bride During Nikkah Ceremony

Brides in Different, Alternative Wedding Outfits Kissing Surrounded by Bridesmaids in Black Dresses

Bride and Groom With Bridesmaids in White and Mariachi Band Walk Down the Sidewalk

Jewish Ceremony Under Huge Tree, String Lights, and Groom Breaking the Glass

Dimly Lit Ceremony With Lots of Candles, Stained-Glass Windows in the Round

Couple in White, Suit and Wedding Dress, Kissing by the Ocean With Flowers

Bride With Long Veil Over Her Face Holding All-White Bouquet

Muslim Bride and Groom on Raised Stage With Floral and Crystal Backdrop