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Groom Placing the Red Mathrakodi Over His Bride's Head During Knanaya Indian Christian Ceremony

Couple Kisses While Holding Their Dog Before Wedding

Groom in Black Suit With Black Shirt and Black Tie

Navy Blue Yves Saint Laurent Bow Ties

Grooms in Matching Formal Tuxedos in Church With Two Flower Dogs

White Suit Jacket, Blue Pants and Custom Chinoiserie Socks in Dress Shoes

Bride in Classic White Dress Shirt and Bow Tie Getting Ready for Modern Wedding

Groom's Accessories Including Shoes, Floral Tie, Olive Twig Boutonniere and Watch

Couple in White, Suit and Wedding Dress, Kissing by the Ocean With Flowers

Groom in Dusty Rose Pink Suit and White Accents Under Greenery Arches

Groom Wedding Accessories Styled with Cacti and Bright Blooms

Designer Black Wingtip Shoes with Formal Cufflinks and Watches

Groom in White Double-Breasted Suit Jacket With Floral Pocket Adjusting Watch

Blue Dress Shoes, Boutonniere, Bow Tie and Watch

Father Helping Groom in White Tuxedo Jacket Put on White-and-Green Boutonniere

Bride in Gold and Pink, Groom in Gold, Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony Attire, Mandap, Custom Veil

Ornate Black-and-Yellow Floral Loafers and Yellow Neck Tie

Formal Groom Wearing Dark Blue Tuxedo and Watch

Engraved Pocket Watch Groomsmen Gifts

Groom in Deep, Structured Green Tuxedo Jacket With Black Trim, Fall Boutonniere

A Groom's Black Velvet Jacket, Stylish Watch and Wedding Band

Brides Tear Up During First Look in Wedding Dress and Blue Suit

Brocade Silver Loafers for Wedding