Western Kentucky University's Storied Architecture Was the Backdrop for This Couple's Elopement

Natalie and Nathaniel's wedding theme was, "'re-plan everything and uninvite everyone in 1 month.' Kidding. Sort of! We had no idea we would be gettin

Natalie and Nathaniel's wedding theme was, "'re-plan everything and uninvite everyone in 1 month.' Kidding. Sort of! We had no idea we would be getting married in the middle of a pandemic! For the last year, we were planning a wedding with about 100 guests at an Airbnb out in the country. When COVID-19 hit, we decided we REALLY didn’t want to wait a year. We had already been together for 4 years and just couldn’t bare to wait another second to make our union official. So the theme you could say was intimacy. We got married with just our parents and Natalie's sister and her partner. Melissa (Nat's sister) officiated the wedding and the bride and groom read personalized vows. There was not a dry eye as soon as Natalie rounded the corner from her and her dad's hiding spot. We got married on Natalie's college campus," the couple shares. 

Although the couple went from planning a one-hundred-person wedding to an intimate elopement, they made sure that all the details—from the fashion to the flowers—still felt over-the-top and celebratory. In terms of fashion, Natalie notes that, "from the very day we were engaged, my Pinterest board was full of slip dresses, and tight fitting, low neck, crepe dresses. I have an amazing back tattoo and I knew I wanted to show that off, so I was always looking at low back too. My dress was sexy. I wanted Nate to see me coming down the isle and think "Wow". My accessories were minimal-- small gold hoops with little drops of fresh water pearls hanging off them. I didnt want to distract from my hair-- not that you ever could because there is a lot of it! Nate's look was classic. Black suit, black loafers, black tie, white shirt. And his gold rimmed circle glasses. He wore those frames when we first met and he got a new pair just like them for the wedding. The dad's matched Nate in classic black suits, ties and shoes, with white shirts. Natalie's mom wore a really sweet, full length, light pink and floral print wrap dress. Nate's mom wore an almost periwinkle blue spaghetti strap dress with a matching sheer, beaded shaw. Melissa, Natalie's sister and officiant, absolutely KILLED it in a light green, slip style dress. Her partner, Luis wore a blue suit." 

Beyond epic fashion, the day's décor was just as memorable. "The flowers were a combination of several popping, bright, summer colors. Natalie's bouquet was tied with a gold, pink, and purple ribbon. The flowers were special because our florist is a close friend. We have watched her business grow in our town over the last, almost, ten years. We have watched her work out of her guest bedroom in her apartment to now having one of the most successful local businesses in town. We of course order flowers from Jules at any occasion, but it was so special to have her create our wedding flowers. We honestly didn't have to think about flowers that much. There was already a trust there. She is so incredible at her craft that we kind of just let go when it came to flowers," shares of the couple of the special bond they share with their wedding floral designer. 

"The day could not have been more personal or intimate. Having only our immediate family there was something we will never forget. And getting married on the campus where Natalie graduated and Nate will one day graduate just added a layer to our history with the town and with each other," recall Nathalie and Nathaniel. As for encouragement to current to-be-weds, they had this to share: "If you are getting married right now, in 2020, during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC, take a deep breath, and do what feels right to you. If you have to and want to postpone, do it! If you can't bare the thought of waiting another minute to say "I DO", then don't wait. There are so many expectations surrounding what a wedding should be, how much money you should spend, who you should invite, but I am here to tell you that is all bologna. It is your and your partner's day. Do what you need to do, and do what feels right to you. Don't worry about offending people. Take it as an opportunity to trim the fat in your social life if you need to! We did and we're never looking back. People who really love you wont be angry with you for making decisions that feel authentic to you!"

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