A Whimsical, Romantic Wedding at The Belmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas

Genevieve Spies, 30 and a second grade teacher, kindled a friendship with Brian Forosisky, 29 and a graphic designer, while in college. After graduation, Genevieve moved to Brooklyn, but reconnected with Brian on a visit to Arlington, Texas for a mutual friend’s Christmas party. After months of dating long-distance and many flights between Dallas and New York, the couple decided to relocate together and chose Dallas to be closer to their families. Brian proposed to Genevieve shortly after their one-year anniversary with a slideshow of photos from all of their trips and special times together. The couple had strong feelings for the look and feel they wanted for their wedding, and did the majority of the planning and designing themselves. They chose The Belmont Hotel in Dallas for its unique architecture and breathtaking view of the Dallas skyline from the outdoor courtyard. Since the couple planned the wedding themselves, they were thankful that The Belmont Hotel offered a coordinator on-site to make sure their big day went off without a hitch. Genevieve also followed her mother’s advice to not feel pressured to have things look a certain way because of how things are traditionally done. “She really encouraged Brian and I to make this wedding our own, and not be afraid to buck tradition or step outside the box. It made a lot of our choices more meaningful,” says Genevieve. Together, Genevieve and Brian ensured that each stage of their wedding included fun, whimsical details to make their special day unforgettable.