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Four-Tier White Wedding Cake With Black Layer, Upward Drip and Fresh Red Flowers

Single-Tier White Wedding Cake With Simple Heart Toppers on Wood Charger

Double-Exposed Photo of Bride in Mini Reception Dress, Groom in White Suit Cutting White Cake

Bride in Fitted Gown and Groom in Black Suit Feeding Each Other Cut Wedding Cake

A Single-Tier, White-to-Pink Ombre Wedding Cake on Dessert Table With Cupcakes

Three-Tier, White-and-Blue, Chinoiserie Themed Wedding Cake With Logo

Modern Four-Tier Textured White Wedding Cake

Colorful Mexican-Inspired Wedding Cake

Four-Tier White Wedding Cake With Tall Layers, Gold Cake Stand and Floral Details

Single-Tier Emerald Green Wedding Cake With 3D White Floral Details

Four-Tier White Wedding Cake With Geometric Pattern, Cascading Bright Flowers

Three-Tier Pale Blue Cake With Ornate White Designs and Details, Fresh Flowers on Gold Stand

Bride and Groom in Traditional Hakka Chinese Attire Cutting a Five-Tier, Colorful Cake

10-Tier White Wedding Cake With Gold Details, Monogram and Flowers

White Wedding Cake With Paper Airplane Decorations

Wedding Cake Decorated With White, Black and Brown Chocolate Shards

Two-Tier All-White Wedding Cake With Edible Frosting Bead Detailing

Unique, Three-Tier Wedding Cake in Lavender, Faux Cracks, Cascading White Ribbons and Aluminum

Four-Tier White Wedding Cake With Frosting Ridges and Fresh, Neutral Flowers

Four-Tier, White Wedding Cake With Fresh-and-Colorful Spring Flowers

Unique Blue Cake With Four Tiers, Rainbow Ombre Flowers

Five-Tier Art Deco Inspired White Wedding Cake With Silver Painted Details on Hanging, Suspended Cake Stand

Fig-Covered Tiered Wedding Cake