Yassie & Adam: A Traditional Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

Set up by a mutual friend, Yassie and Adam were apprehensive about meeting at first. At the time, Yassie was in the midst of planning to move from Los Angeles to San Francisco. But the pair did agree to have dinner -- they hit it off and kept in touch via email once Yassie left LA. Soon, they were contacting each other daily, exchanging emails and phone calls, and eventually I love yous. That's when Yassie decided it was time to move back to Los Angeles. The Bride Yassie Tran, 26, school teacher The Groom Adam Holliday, 27, production manager The Date November 24 Two years later, Adam popped the question while they strolled through a rose garden. A contemporary wedding inspired by the Rat Pack was soon underway.