Yufang & Trent: A Traditional Wedding in Austin, TX

A playful card game of dares brought together YuFang and Trent. The scene: An Irish pub in down Austin. The occasion: Trent's 30th birthday. The first dare: Try on a girl's high heels. Why would he do such a thing? The more dares Trent did, the more beer he got from his buddies, of course! Now back to the shoes. The Bride YuFang Chang, 33, physician The Groom Trent Bartow, 33, product marketing manager The Date March 29 Trent took this opportunity to strike up a conversation with YuFang, clad in three-inch stilettos -- he lasted two seconds in them! Luckily, the next dare got a little easier: get a girl's phone number. YuFang was pleased to help him out, and two years later, they were getting hitched in Austin.