CrowdRise Wedding Registry

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Choose to support any of the thousands of charities on CrowdRise.

So Easy

Setting up your charity registry is so easy. You’ll probably be done in less than 5 minutes.

Hassle Free

The money you raise flows directly to the charities you choose to support.

Better Than Stuff

Charity registries are a selfless way to let loved ones give gifts that give back.

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Don’t need any new plates or cutlery on your wedding day? Maybe you’ve already been living with your partner for awhile and have your house stocked. Perhaps you simply want to give back. No matter what your reason, the Crowdrise fundraising registry helps you donate money to organizations that you’re passionate about. Whether you want to end world hunger or provide loving homes for stray dogs, you’re sure to find a cause that pulls at your heartstrings. The Crowdrise fundraising registry is incredibly versatile, allowing you to give your guests the option to donate to charity or purchase that bedding set you’ve had your eye on. Whether used alone or alongside a traditional gift registry, the Crowdrise fundraising registry gives you the opportunity to win some karma points before starting your new life together as a family. Signing up for the Crowdrise fundraising registry may not be traditional, but it does fall back on the timeless principles of love and compassion—two essential components for a healthy marriage! It also allows guests to feel like they’re supporting your union while supporting organizations that you care about. So complete your happiness by bringing happiness to others with the Crowdrise fundraising registry.

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