Gump's Wedding Registry

Personalized service

Gump’s offers the finest silver, china, crystal and tableware collections, with an unparalleled level of personal service to match. Our experts will work with you to create a registry that reflects your unique style.

Flexible Gift Notification Program

Find your perfect match with our two distinctive registry programs: The Traditional Registry or The Gift Notification Program.

Program Benefits

Completion and Anniversary Programs; Complimentary gift wrap for guests; Invitations to Gump's events

Gift List

Keep track of guest purchases; Make thank-you note writing simple and organized

Product Catalog

Known as a top destination in San Francisco for luxury gifts, Gump’s has been providing couples with exquisitely crafted homewares since it first opened in 1861. Continue this timeless tradition of excellence by signing up for the Gump’s wedding registry! Gump’s registry is incredibly versatile, offering every couple two registry options that can meet their individual needs. The Traditional Registry works like any other registry, allowing you to receive your gifts as your guests purchase them. The Gift Notification Registry is slightly different, structured so you’ll receive all of your gifts at once while getting notifications each time something is purchased. Both of these flexible registry models make Gump’s registry one of the easiest to adapt to your lifestyle and personal needs. Gump’s wedding registry allows you to curate a wish list of refined silver, china, crystal, tableware, and other kinds of home decor. Whether you have more traditional style or contemporary sensibilities, Gump’s wedding registry will have plenty of beautifully made products to offer. Each and every item in Gump’s first class collection has been hand selected with you in mind. When you sign up for Gump’s registry, you'll have access to artisan product collections and personalized service—a combination that’s unrivaled in the industry.

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