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Where Experiences and
Retail Items Come Together

Have your (wedding) cake and eat it too by including cash wedding funds with classic gifts in your All-In-One Wedding Registry.

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Our Newlywed Fund, retailer registries and Guest List Manager all work together, making it easy to share, track and manage everything on your Wedding Website.

How The Newlywed Fund Works

Create a Free Cash Registry

Get inspiration from our list of wedding funds or ask for anything else you can imagine.

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When guests contribute to a fund or group gift, we’ll automatically transfer the money to your bank account.

Track Your Contributions

Take a peek at the goal progress of your funds and find out who gifted what 24/7.

The Lowest Transaction Fee Anywhere!

Credit card companies require a fee for every transaction—at 2.5%, ours is the lowest anywhere! Plus, you’ll always receive every bit of the contribution to your wedding fund. We don’t take anything. Promise.

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Not at all! Think of it as just another way for guests to give the things that mean the most to you—because home renovations and dream honeymoons aren’t exactly sold in stores. Plus, pairing your cash and retail items on the All-In-One Wedding Registry (and sharing on your Wedding Website) makes for a seamless experience where guests can find everything you need. Completely tasteful. Never tacky.

Simply put, it’s an easy way to register for the non-traditional things you need—or just really, really want. (Though that’s kinda the same thing, right?) We're talking a couple's massage, a trip to Antarctica, even the cleaning services you’ve been meaning to book for years. Whatever it is, there's a registry for that.

Getting married is a special time in life and you deserve to enjoy it. So, we’ve made starting a cash wedding registry completely stress and hassle-free with three super simple steps.

Step One: Choose from our list of wedding funds or create your own.

Step Two: Customize it by entering your personal details—name of fund, amount requested and a special message for guests.

Step Three: Hit save and you’re all set!

As soon as a guest makes a contribution, we’ll notify you. From that point, it’ll take three weeks for the contribution to be deposited into your bank account. This timeframe is simply for security measures on the bank’s behalf (after all we want to make sure your funds get to you and only you!), but of course you don’t need to wait to thank your guests. You can show your appreciation from the moment the contribution received email hits your inbox.