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Alexa & Chris

May 29, 2021Long Island, NY

Our Story
But first an update... March 23, 2021

Our wedding is still on as scheduled with a reduced capacity and following all New York State regulations, including testing and contact tracing. Keep checking this site for the most updated information, including our COVID-19 FAQs tab which has important information for guests planning to attend our wedding.

We are asking guests to RSVP electronically. Please visit the RSVP tab to let us know which events you are attending. Please RSVP to the church, reception and hotel brunch individually. If you are running into issues please email [email protected]

A live stream of our church ceremony will also be made available for those who are unable to attend.

We want to thank our loved ones for their patience, support and understanding. This is the biggest challenge we have faced as a couple, and not how we pictured starting our lives together. We are thankful for all of you, our health, and our upcoming vows- no matter what they look like!

From SBU To I Do!

Alexa: Chris and I met on move- in day of our first year at Stony Brook University. We ran into each other in our residence hall, Douglass College, trying to figure out our issues with the internet in the building. We became friendly, got involved in the same activities and hung out in the same circle of friends. Our friend group got closer during those four years, Chris and I dated other people, and suddenly it was graduation day. Chris and I both decided to pursue our Master’s degrees at Stony Brook (Higher Education Administration for me, Computer Science for him.) The first year of grad school Chris and I both got jobs working for the Dean of Students office. Working together we were a great team; I envisioned and planned events, and Chris problem solved day of to make sure the execution ran smoothly. (He also calmed me down when I started freaking out about details.) We found ourselves wanting to hang out with each other after work all of the time. We'd drink wine & watch Scandal on Thursdays, Facetime our college friends together, cook each other dinner and frequent the nearby village of Port Jefferson for its brewery and restaurants. We started “officially” dating the day after Earthstock (our biggest event) in 2014. We celebrated with a trip to Port Jeff and one of my favorite brunch places, Toast! After almost five years of Disney trips, beach days, half marathons, laughs, tears, & everything in between, Chris proposed at Jones Beach, and our wedding will take place just after our seventh anniversary. We’re back at it again planning our most important event together and I’m so excited to marry the most amazing, selfless and caring man. We can't wait to party all day and night with all of our family & friends!

Most Likely to Receive "About Damn Time" When Announcing Engagement

Chris: Alexa and I met on the first day of school. Social butterfly that I am, I kicked off our conversation by inquiring if her Internet was working (to this day a question I regularly ask as I tend to mess around with things while she wants to watch Netflix). A History and Comp Sci major wouldn't strike you as an obvious pair, but luckily she found her way into Higher Education and I was really good about Red Fridays. After 4 years developing our friendship, we found ourselves working together in the Dean of Students Office. This gave rise to two very important things: lax lunch schedules and the opportunity to impress with feats of physical labor. We learned a lot about each other both personally and professionally and began to balance each other out and rub off on one another. I found myself spending more time in the office (great for our boss, probably not as great for my GPA) just to be able to spend time with her, and oddly enough we had way more dinners together too (luckily we took turns paying/cooking since she's an independent woman who don't need no man). Eventually I came around to the fact that Alexa and I were more than friends, something other people seemed to know way before. Regardless, we made it official, and now it's been 7 years of me learning there's more to life than what I can build on my laptop (not too much) and Alexa finding motivation to do things she never thought she could (half marathons, living somewhere that isn't Long Island). At the end of 2018 I finally got my act together (and a couple pay raises) and we once again made it official. Now we're so excited to continue the fun and shenanigans for the rest of our lives and are thrilled to kick off this next phase with our family and friends!

The Wedding

Saturday, May 29, 2021
2:30 PM
St. Brigid's Catholic Church
75 Post Avenue, Westbury, NY, 11590, United States
507 Larkfield Road, East Northport, NY, 11731, United States
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Wedding Party

Nicole - Maid of Honor

Soul Sister of the bride. Fellow Disney fanatic. Event planner extraordinaire.

Barbara - Bridesmaid

Cousin of the bride. Her go-to in the family. Mom of flower girl Noelle & ring bearer Matteo.

Katie - Bridesmaid

Sister of the groom. Shares the bride's love of the beach & Broadway. PT by day, DIY Crafter by night.

Emily - Bridesmaid

High school friend of the bride. Shares the bride's obsession with One Tree Hill. Always figures out how to split the check.

Alyssa - Bridesmaid

Childhood friend of the bride. Co-owner of their childhood business Krafty Kids. Friend with the most inside jokes.

Lisa - Bridesmaid

Cousin of the bride. Real life Disney Princess. Mom of twins.

Noelle - Flower Girl

Cousin of the bride. Mini-me of the bride. Likes the groom better.

Kaylee - Flower Girl

Niece of the bride. Unicorn lover. Drama queen like her aunt.

Rob - Best Man

Rob is a friend of the Bride and Groom. He's been there through the range of worst days to best, managed to graduate twice and still get paid to party in college.

John - Groomsman

John is the brother of the Groom. Always down for a Super Smash Brothers tournament, helping you build a custom PC, or goofing around on the dance floor.

Steve - Groomsman

Steve is the brother[-in-law] of the Groom. A lawyer by day, he's got no objections to overruling party poopers and meeting new people.

Brendan - Groomsman

Brendan is a cousin of the groom. Doctor of pharmacy, organizing big families, and having a good time.

Amit - Groomsman

Amit is a friend of the Bride and Groom. Able to simultaneously be the youngest and oldest person at a get-together, hang with him for stock picks and party tips & tricks.

Peter - Groomsman

Peter is a cousin of the Bride. From board games to beer he knows exactly what you'll like and how to keep the party going.

Matteo - Ring Bearer

Matteo is a cousin of the Bride. Shares with the Bride and Groom a love for cheese and Mickey Mouse.