An Unexpected Love Story

Once upon a time in a land far, far away…well… not really far, but kinda… it was Charlotte, North Carolina, so… kinda far, maybe only one far, not two “fars”. Anyways, in a land far away, a young maiden who’s name was Allison, was a mere age of 20, when she heard of the Royals Ball. The Royal’s Ball was expected to attract some of the most infamous legends in all the land. Allison dreamt of such a ball to attend but realized she was one year shy of eternal admittance to such events. Allison prayed for a fairy to deliver a spell that would transform her into a woman who was of age to attend the Royals Ball. Her prayers were answered when a fairy godfather, not mother, provided her with such a spell that would slip her past the gates guards without them realizing she was underage. That night, Allison prepared for the Royals Ball by reveling in music and drinks along with other fair maidens.

Across the land of Charlotte, a young knight by the name of Hunter prepared for the Royals Ball after a day of intense battling at the fields of Marion Diehl with his brethren from the Royal Knights of the Queens guard. Hunter and his fellow knights shared old war stories while they devoured beverages that could only be described as drinks of the Gods. As the Royals Ball approached, Hunter and his Brethren called upon their Uber carriage to provide safe passage from their castle to the Ball.

The Royals Ball was held at the most magnificent of all places, Town Tavern. Don’t let this name fool you, what merely seemed as a hole-in-the-wall name was the scenery for some of the most prolific Balls held by the Queen’s Royal Party.

The Brethren Knights arrived at the Tavern and were greeted with laughs, high-fives, and cheers. The music, conversations, and drinks were flowing. Friends, family, old generations, and new generations gathered to pass the torch from one brother to another. It was a glorious event and was only getting started. Hunter was pleased with the throngs of Royals that arrived, but yet, there was still something missing inside of him; something growing, trying to fill a void… It was hope, but he did not know what he was hoping for. That’s when he saw her.

Allison arrived at the Tavern, heart racing, hoping her spell would allow her to slip past the guards. As she approached the gates, her knees were weak; her palms were sweaty, vomit on… oh sorry… I got carried away… listening to the 8 Mile soundtrack, no vomit. As she approached the guards, she pulled the spell out of her magic bag and dusted the guards with such perfection they didn’t even flinch. She was in! Allison could hear the music in the main Ballroom. The adrenaline was racing through her body, both from the excitement of slipping past the guards and the expectation of what awaited. She descended the stairs into the ball room and was greeted with music, laugher, and some of the finest Royals in the land. Allison and her group of fair maidens immediately immersed themselves in the crowd of Royals. Allison was talking with a fellow maiden when she spotted a young gentleman across the room. The two made eye contact and at the very moment, nothing else mattered. She recognized him but had felt invisible before, but for some reason at this moment his eyes made her feel like she was only one in the room.

Hunter stood near the dance floor embracing the revelry that ensued. His attention was drawn to a group of fair maidens elegantly gliding down the stairs to join the festivities, but what was at first only a glance became a stare when he saw her. He saw youth, he saw experience; he saw laughter; he saw tears; he saw eyes staring straight into his; he saw himself with her; he saw beauty; he saw love. At this point; the music faded away, voices dimmed in the background, and dancers froze on the dance floor; for his sole focus was on her and only her.

Hunter approached Allison, not knowing what to say, not caring what came out, but just knew this was his one shot, his one opportunity, one chance, one… sorry doing it again. The first words ever spoken between these two, was “Hey”. Allison did not hesitate for she felt the same thing. Allison and Hunter stood in the middle of the ballroom. While other Royals danced and reveled the night away, they talked. It was at that moment nothing else mattered, nothing but the two of them at that single moment in time. They laughed, they joked, they shared stories, they shared common bonds; they began their relationship.

After a night of conversing, building the foundation, they both agreed it was best to head back to the Ball. They exchanged identification numbers, so further communication could be had considering they did not live near each other. Hunter offered Allison a drink of which Allison accepted, but needed to find her other fair maidens first.

Allison searched the Ball for her other maidens. A maiden who traveled with her came rushing up exclaiming they were leaving for the spell was about to expire and Allison needed to come with them or her secret would be revealed. Allison left the Ball without speaking to Hunter. Hunter searched all throughout the Ball looking for Allison, only to come up empty. Luckily, he had her identification number to send a message in hopes he could continue communicating with the fairest one of them all.

Hunter sent Allison a message to her identification number and unlike most other knights throughout the land, Hunter convinced Allison to continue communications even though they lived worlds apart, for he did not live in the Land of Charlotte. Hunter felt something different with Allison, he felt like she was worth the distance and the wait. For as all great love stories go, Hunter and Allison continued communications and eventually lived together in the land, the Land of Mary, and lived happily ever after.

The Wedding

Saturday, September 22, 2018
6:00 PM
Attire: Business professional
Ceremony and Reception
Running Hare Vineyard
150 Old Adelina Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678, USA
Other Events

Post Wedding Cook Out
Sunday, September 23, 2018
1:00 PM
3542 Foxhall Dr. Davidsonville, MD 21035
Attire: Casual

Join us for a cook out at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes (Allie's parents) to celebrate our wedding! Bring your swimsuit!

Wedding Party

Virginia Finch - Maid of Honor

Kasey Kazimir - Bridesmaid
Lauren Gray - Bridesmaid
Ashley Fletcher - Bridesmaid
Cara Baldini - Bridesmaid
Caitlin Miller - Bridesmaid
Caitlin Hatzel - Bridesmaid
Kristi Kemp - Bridesmaid
Taylor DeBord - Best Man
Brian Masterson - Groomsman
Branden Stansley - Groomsman
Trevor Roof - Groomsman
Jimmy Baker - Groomsman
Chris Rhodes - Groomsman
Ryan Stansley - Groomsman
Louie Boyle - Groomsman