June 3, 2019 • St. Louis, MO


June 3, 2019 • St. Louis, MO

Our Story

We met at our mutual friends' Christina and Ahren's wedding!

Picture of We met at our mutual friends' Christina and Ahren's wedding!

// A L Y S O N //

My friend Christina had a tea reception at our church for the congregation to attend and then a dinner reception elsewhere. Her mom had asked for my help in handling the food for the tea reception. While I was bringing out food, I noticed Jordan talking with his friends and I thought he was cute, but since I was busy, I didn't have much time to socialize and didn't think our paths would cross. Our eyes met a few times though!

Once the tea reception was over I left for the dinner reception. I didn't know if Jordan would be there or not, but he happened to be placed at a table adjacent to mine! There were information cards placed at each table for guests to help them interact and learn more about the newly wedded couple. Jordan had come over to my table to read the factoid but I was in the middle of a conversation with another woman at my table, so again, we didn't talk and he went back to his table.

I noticed there was a bar so I decided to go get a beer. After I got my beer, I sat back down at my table. I noticed Jordan and his friends walking over to the bar. On the way, Jordan asked me if the drinks were free. I said it was for me!! He made a joke that I didn't hear, but we started talking as he waited in line for a drink. We really hit it off! He asked me to dance about 30 times. (Our first picture together was from the reception.)

One of my favorite memories from that night was when we were dancing to "Sweet Caroline" and we decided to scream sing the lyrics as loud as we could. I appreciated that we could joke with each other right off the bat. He was easy to talk to and friendly and talked to me about ME versus starting things off with complimenting my looks which I found refreshing. Plus, if he was friends with Christina and Ahren I knew I could trust their judgment of him as a person. So,when he asked me for my phone number at the end of the night, I felt good about saying yes. He texted me the next day asking if I wanted to go out for drinks the Wednesday after the wedding (wedding was on a Sunday). I said yes! That "yes" quickly changed to dinner and we've been together ever since!

// J O R D A N //

What she said but my version. (Alyson informs me that my version is different and demands I add details... so... I was first struck by her beauty when I caught a glimpse of her before our friends' wedding ceremony. I didn't dwell on it for long; one never quite knows who's with whom at one of those things. But then I saw her again immediately afterward at a tea and coffee reception held at the church before the reception proper. Yet again I was struck by the auburn-haired beauty and confided my intrigue to the friends who came with me. Again, however, I dared not humor the thought of her for long; I didn't know if she'd be at the actual reception, let alone if I would ever see her again. But my friends held out hope.

You can imagine my elation when, after we found our table at the reception, I noticed that there, sitting at a table across from ours, was the bombshell from the church! I had to make contact. "But how?" My first plan of attack was to capitalize on the built-in icebreakers that were the information cards about the bride and groom located at each table. I would walk over to her table, read the card, make some comment about Ahren and Christina [our friends], and ask how this lovely lady was connected to them. Plan set! I made for the table--palms sweating--picked up the card, read it, put it back down, mumbled how interesting it was, and walked away cursing myself for the cowardice.

Once back at my table, I nursed my wounds and lamented my piteous state to my friends. We agreed that a drink would somehow cure my ills and began to ponder if it was an open bar or if we had to pay [more the pity if it wasn't open as I had brought zero cash]. As we questioned the bar's status, I noticed that the beauty across from us was swilling a brew quite merrily. THAT WAS IT! I could ask her! So I approached her table, asked her if she had to pay for her drink, she said at least she didn't have to, I made a joke she [thankfully] didn't hear, she stood up with us as my friends and I waited to get our drinks, and the rest is history [see her description].)

Our Engagement

We went out for some French cuisine at Brasserie.

// A L Y S O N //

I had a suspicion the engagement was coming since we had talked about marriage/engagement rings previously and Jordan had suggested we get dolled up for some fine dining one weekend. Fast forward to November 10th: We arrived at Brasserie and apparently I had chosen the wrong seat (I should've picked a seat so I could see the view outside), so Jordan and I played musical chairs (for the sake of time I won't share the amount of times we moved around trying to figure out our seating arrangement lol).

I could tell Jordan seemed a bit nervous, but once we got our drinks things felt more relaxed and we were able to talk normally. After we had finished our meal and were waiting for dessert, Jordan and I started discussing our relationship since our first meeting. I said something along the lines of "isn't it crazy to think how far we have come?!" And, with that Jordan said, "well if you want to do something even more ridiculous with me, would you marry me?" I said yes, of course! There was a slow clap building as people realized what was happening. Then, the waitstaff gave us champagne to celebrate!

From there, we left to head to Jordan's car since he said there was somewhere else we needed to go. Once we got to his car, he told me there was a "problem" we needed to address. He said he knew I would want to design our invitations and gave me a wrapped box. In that wrapped box was a new MacBook Pro (already set up and ready to go)!! I was speechless. Then, we met up with a couple friends at Schlafly's to drink to our engagement.

// J O R D A N //

For the sake of time and space, I'll skip over the planning and go to our arrival. It's a beautiful restaurant if you've never been.We nabbed a photo outside and, upon entering, were seated at the table with the nicest view from the windowed facade. Alyson decided to sit with her back to the view, which resulted in my suggesting a game of musical chairs. I planned with the waitstaff to propose between the main course and dessert, so we had plenty of time to enjoy the food and conversation, which was a bit stilted at first. (I cannot overemphasize how nervous I was. I knew she would say yes, but what a huge question regardless!)

Eventually the discussion found its feet and we were comfortably plunging into some of finest food either of us has had. It all went by so smoothly and quickly that, before I knew it, we were done with the main course and dessert was on the way. Time to jump! I snuck the ring from my pocket into my hand and was holding it for an eternal minute or two. The time was protracted because I had neglected to determine some way of broaching the topic in all my planning haste; one can't simply interrupt his girlfriend mid-sentence and ask her to marry him and expect that'll go over well. Thankfully, Alyson yet again provided a way.

She mentioned how ridiculous and lovely it was that we met at a wedding little over a year ago and now here we are. To which I responded that if she'd like to do something else ridiculous, would she like to marry me. I then got down on one knee and asked her if she'd do me the honor of being my wife. She said yes.

Our Songs

"North" by Sleeping at Last

"Ophelia" by Roo Panes