Our Story
Amanda 's Story

Well it all started before Bo and I ever officially attended Eastern Illinois University. Upon both of us visiting our siblings (Val and Ty J), at separate times, the two joked about us meeting and dating. Who would've guessed that just that would happen two years later. Bo and I met August 19th, 2012, at the Sigma Nu party house on 7th Street. Val and Ty J introduced us finally, after a long anticipated two years, on my first night of college. Even after growing up with the 85' Chicago Bears, I had never been speechless in my life until meeting Bo. The only thing I was able to "spit out" that night was "Hi Bo!" Our passings were him leaving the keg as I approached the keg that night night, so the number of "Hi Bos" that happened that first night of college cannot even be counted on my fingers and toes alone.... what can I say, we love beer...

Bo and I may not have exchanged phone numbers that night, nor apparently did I exchange my name (Val's sister was my name for quite awhile, but I cannot blame him because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) but just a smile was enough to know that soon we would become friends; and three months later we would start "officially" (November 19th) dating, but that is another whole story in itself=)

Bo's version of how we met

So if you don't know how we met here it is; far to long ago I started my college career at EIU. On the first day I made the responsible desicion to go party. Throughout the day Ty was introducing me to everyone from Sigma Nu and other houses. Ty then introduced me to Val Haeger who in turn introduced me to "Vals sister" a fine young lady who greeted me with "HEY BO!" Then offered to open my beer (I thought wow what a kind gesture) at this point Val's sister open my beer with her teeth. Interesting technic I know. We proceed the next few days learning about college and I was trying to figure out her name. So I guess that's my version. A special thank you goes out to Ty, Val, and Keystone

The Wedding

Saturday, May 21, 2016
Attire: Semi Formal
Ceremony and Reception
Mackinaw Valley Vineyard
33633 State Route 9, Mackinaw, IL 61755, United States
Wedding Party

Valerie Black - Matron of Honor

As my older sister, this fine lady was, and always will be, my role model. My favorite memories of Val are watching her dance; whether at Orchesis performances or out on a bar dancefloor, she is always a sight to see. Growing up, I cannot say that I have a specific favorite memory of us, because every day was an adventure; string cups to Jenny ' s window, sneaking out, making commercials, dance videos at age 8 (and continuing on into our twenties), everyone of us smashing into mine and em's twin beds pushed together at night because we wanted to be together but fighting over who had to sleep in the crack, pancake breaks; the memories are endless and still ongoing. She is my person and I cannot wait for her to be standing up there with us.

Emily Haeger - Maid of Honor

If I was not engaged to Bo, you would think that E and I were in a 50 year relationship the way we talk to each other and know how to push each other's buttons. Although she is the youngest, I look up to her for her strength and courage on a daily basis. I have never bragged so much about someone's life accomplishments at such a young age then I do about this lady. Emily is my longest standing roommate and we have a bond that no one will ever be able to understand. We know the ins and outs and in between of each other's lives. My fondest memories of E include our all night until 3 am talks about life,- every night, even when we had school the next day- wrestling, going to watch her play soccer at UWW, her visiting me and Eastern and finding out about her natural born talent..., playing Barbies, restaurant, dance videos, and the ones we have yet to make. I am so fortunate to have such an awe-inspiring young woman to call my maid of honor and be a part of the whole celebration!

Jenny Faflik - Bridesmaid
Jillian Braun - Bridesman
Connie Porters - Bridesmaid
Gabriella Vinezeano - Flower Girl
Amara Kaeding - Flower Girl
Shelby George - Officiant
Ty J - Best Man
Nicholas Tovar - Groomsman
Travis King - Groomsman
Christopher Black - Groomsman
Jake Koester - Ring Bearer
Jimmy Koester - Ring Bearer
Ricky Sybert - Groomsman