Our Story
How We Met

We both attended Maize High School and met during Ben's sophomore year and my junior year in the band room. We met through our close mutual friend Mallory. Mallory and I met and became best friends in 5th grade. Once Ben and Mallory became friends, we all started hanging out together. Ben and I quickly began hanging out in the same circles of friends. After high school we considered each other best friends, and remained friends for seven and a half more years before he asked me out for Valentine's day in 2013.

A Lifelong Friendship

Since first meeting in 2005, Ben and I found that we have a lot in common including many of the same friends, and we come from very similar backgrounds and share many of the same ideas. Our philosophies on life, the universe, and everything are different but work amazingly together. We balance each other out, and since our first Valentine's day to now, we have found that life is just better with each other. We decided shortly after starting dating that we didn't want to be with anyone else but each other. Over the last 5 years of our lives together we've had a long road of discovering who we are and decided that we are stronger together.

A Very Happy Easter

We knew that we wanted to get married, but I was determined to earn my degree first. School has never been my strong point so it took a while, but finally in December 2016 I graduated with my Bachelor's from Wichita State University. Since then our lives have had many ups and downs. On Easter Sunday 2017 Ben invited me over for Easter brunch at his parent's house. After dinner, he went outside and brought back a pink Easter basket with 3 glittering Easter eggs lying on top of that pink plastic Easter grass. I was asked to open each egg one at a time. There was candy, and then more candy and finally...... More candy. After opening all three eggs, everyone in the room was staring at us and everything got really quiet. I knew then what was happening, and Ben revealed a 4th Easter pink egg on the bottom. It was invisible because it was exactly the same color of the grass in the basket. I opened up the 4th egg and taped to more candy was a diamond ring! I looked up and Ben was down on one knee. He was so nervous and his face was all red, and finally after what seemed like an hour he asked me to marry him!! (P.S. I said yes!)

Love and Loss

Getting officially engaged was the highlight of 2017 for Ben and I. Ben and I both lost loved ones this year and the engagement high was short lived. Right before he proposed, Ben lost his grandmother Dorothy, and only 4 months after he proposed my mother Linda suddenly passed. Both women impacted their friends and families in such a positive way that they are and will continue to be sorely missed. It is bittersweet to be celebrating without them. However we are extremely grateful to have had them in our lives and hopeful that our new life together will make them proud. We also want everyone reading this to know how grateful we are to have you in our lives, and we hope that we get to share our special day with you.

The Future

Ben and I are very eager to begin our own lives together and in September we will be buying our first home, hopefully large enough to begin a family. Not right away, of course because we have yet, a lot to learn and discover about ourselves and each other. 2018 promises to be a very tedious year between planning and executing our wedding to being first time home buyers and moving into our first house, along with all of the ups and downs in between! Thank you all for the love and support you have already shown us. We cannot wait to share our special day with you and look forward to getting to know our new families!

The Wedding

Saturday, October 27, 2018
6:00 PM
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Ceremony and Reception
Venue 3130
3130 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67203, USA
Wedding Party

Ashley Young - Maid of Honor

Bride's Heterosexual Life Partner

Kadee Marshall - Bridesmaid

Bride's Awesome Little Sister

Alyssa Pope - Bridesmaid

Bride's Best-est Friend Forever

Jennifer Jeffries - Bridesmaid

Bride's Coolest Cousin!

Jessica King - Best Woman

Groom's Equal and Opposite Self, Nega-Ben

Steven Riggins - Groomsman

Groom's Quirky Sidekick and BFF

Jonathan Hemmen - Groomsman

Groom's Creative Collaborator (They Make Music Together ;D)

Chris - Groomsman

Groom's Awesome Little Brother!