Amber Dawn & Tyler

October 14, 2017 • Sunset Beach, NC

Amber Dawn & Tyler

October 14, 2017 • Sunset Beach, NC

Our Story

The Meeting

When Tyler decided to go back to school, he didn't realize how much it would change his life. He was struggling in his English 111 class when his instructor recommended he visit the on-campus writing center. It was there he met her.

Amber had just started working at the college as a writing tutor and online writing lab manager. A friend, an English 111 instructor, asked her to tutor a prize student.

Their first session was special. Tyler and Amber immediately clicked and began discussing the work without all the awkwardness associated with first meetings. When he went home, Tyler couldn't stop smiling and told his mother all about his new tutor. And Amber told her friends all about the cute guy she was tutoring.

The First Date

At the end of his first year, Tyler transferred to East Carolina University, Amber's alma mater. He asked for her phone number, claiming he wanted it to ask her questions about ECU and his classes. The night of graduation, Tyler called Amber. They talked about nothing for a long time before he asked her out. Amber immediately panicked and tried to stall for time while texting her friends. With the support of her friends, she agreed.

On May 25th, they headed to a Mediterranean place on the Washington waterfront. Tyler ordered steak and fries, and Amber ordered chicken shawarma and stuffed grape leaves; this is everything you need to know about the couple.

They headed to the boardwalk after a delightful dinner and walked the whole way down to the end before turning back and walking to the other end. Amber's feet didn't even hurt, despite her heels. After their walk, the couple sat on a bench and talked for hours.

The Proposal

In February 2016, Tyler and Amber headed to Ocean Isle Beach for Valentine's Day. The couple spent the day exploring the town and splashing around in the pool. However, Amber knew something was up. Several weeks before, Tyler had shown up at their apartment with a ring sizer "borrowed" from Belk. Now he was acting odd, including having a piece of luggage Amber wasn't allowed to touch or unpack.

That night, Tyler took Amber to dinner, ring box in his pocket. He had done his research and had a plan to propose over dessert. Then disaster struck. Dinner was AWFUL. The restaurant staff was inattentive and slow; the food was cold and disgusting. Tyler was livid; Amber resorted to playing on her phone.

Tyler couldn't propose at the restaurant. Fortunately, thinking on his feet is one of Tyler's strong suits. Ocean Isle is a sea turtle sanctuary, and sea turtles are Amber's favorite animals. He convinced her (heels and all) to walk along the beach in the moonlight to look for sea turtles.

They had been walking for a few minutes when Tyler knelt down. Amber looked down, expecting him to have found a sea turtle. Instead she saw the ring. The couple began crying as Tyler popped the question and Amber said yes. They headed back to the hotel to call their families when Amber finally saw the ring in the light. She lightly popped Tyler and accused him of being too over-the-top. He replied that while she thought the ring was too big, he'd have given her Tiffany if he could.