Our Story
How we met

Both Nick and I were born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, but our lives did not cross paths until a few years ago. We officially met through a mutual friend in April 2013. We began talking, going on dates... and fell in love! Shortly after this, Nick had to leave for a new hockey season in Sweden. We wanted to see where the relationship could go and decided to take a leap of faith! Nick booked me a flight, I packed my bags and joined him abroad! Since then we have shared two amazing hockey seasons in Sweden and Norway and are headed to Finland next!

The Proposal

On June 3rd, we decided to have a typical camp day on McCarrel's Lake, which usually consists of suntanning, swimming, hiking up the mountain, and enjoying food and drinks! We had packed lunch in a cooler backpack and hiked up the mountain to eat. Sitting in "our spot" overlooking the lake we ate our Superior Bakery sandwiches. Nick asked me to grab us some drinks from the cooler which was positioned behind where we sat. I opened the cooler and saw a black box on top of our drinks. I panicked and left the box inside the cooler. Nick asked if there was something else in the cooler and I nervously nodded. He grabbed the box, got down on one knee and popped the question!