Anna Kate & Cory

May 29, 2021West Point, MS

Our Story
How We Met

In late March of 2018 both Cory and Anna Kate worked for Ole Miss Outdoors. Anna Kate was a trip leader about to lead an overnight canoe trip in Arkansas, and Cory was assigned to be the intern for the trip. When they left for the trip on Friday, Anna Kate did not even know his name when he hopped in the passenger seat of the car she was driving for the next 6 hours.

After the trip ended, Cory asked her to study with him at the library and then later that week he asked her to watch Harry Potter with him for the first time. She could not say no to watching someone watch the series for the first time. Spring semester and the summer came and went, and as their friendship grew, they realized friendship would not be enough. After an Ole Miss football game, he courageously asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes, and the rest is history.

The Wedding

Saturday, May 29, 2021
Old Waverly Golf Club
Old Waverly Golf Club
1 Magnolia Dr, West Point, MS, 39773
Wedding Party

Sydney Sergis - Maid of Honor
Nikki Sullivan - Maid of Honor
Olivia Kincaid - Bridesmaid
Allyn Flautt - Bridesmaid
Jacey Parkhurst - Bridesmaid
Mikayla Rogers - Bridesmaid
Arlaina Rogers - Bridesmaid
Ella Tosh - Junior Bridesmaid
Claire Tosh - Junior Bridesmaid
Garrett Rogers - Best Man
Eric Pham - Groomsman
Nick Weaver - Groomsman
David Smith - Groomsman
Justin Davis - Groomsman
Morgan Moore - Groomsman
Rob Beebe - Groomsman
Pearson Stevens - Groomsman
Stone Tosh - Groomsman