Ariel & Gregory

June 26, 2021Avalon, NJ

Our Story
Our Love Story

Ariel & Gregory aren't exactly sure when they first met. Rumor has it Greg had a crush on Ariel as far back as sophomore or junior year at Lafayette College. Another rumor has it that Ariel was the one with a crush first. They didn't connect officially until junior year when Ariel would spend time at Greg's apartment watching Flyers games with their mutual friend & groomsman Nick Foerst. To be honest Ariel wasn't even aware it was Greg's apartment and would be annoyed at him for disrupting the game with his antics.

Then, just before they left campus for the summer before senior year, Ariel and Greg ran into each other outside of Wawa. This was a key moment in what was to come. Ariel told Greg about her summer plans: An internship and class in London, England. Greg, stunned that Ariel didn't realize the significance of this, told her he's from London and was heading there for the summer later that day. They made tentative plans to get together once she was settled in.

Once there Greg and Ariel went out together with friends a couple times, and let's just say, sparks flew. Then Greg went away for the rest of the summer for an internship and they didn't see/talk to each other till back at school that fall. Once they saw each other in Milo's that September, the rest, as they say, is history. It was still a long road till #OfficialStatus, but they couldn't stay away from each other, always meeting up at Milo's at the end of the night, going to each others parties & formals, and then eventually dinners and movie nights.

In the years since they graduated from college they have dealt with long distance and time apart but also have so many fun, happy memories together- from traveling to Europe multiple times, South America, and the Middle East to trips in the US to just relaxing at home, now finally living together in Chicago, IL starting in summer 2018. They have been so happy to finally be together with Mia, their precious, adorable cat, and their wobbly (he has hind limb ataxia) pandemic kitten, Jesse! They are so excited to get married at the beach and celebrate their love with their closest friends and family. See you there & thanks for reading!

The Wedding

Saturday, June 26, 2021
4:00 PM
Attire: Beach formal
Ceremony and Reception
ICONA Resorts Avalon
7849 Dune Drive, Avalon, NJ, 08202
Please join us promptly at 4pm for our beach wedding ceremony (weather permitting!). Cocktail hour will begin at 5pm and reception to follow inside starting at 6:30. There will also be a post wedding beach party, so please stick around!
Other Events

Sunday, June 27, 2021
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
ICONA Avalon Resort - Jersey Shore Resort
Attire: Casual
Help ease your wedding hangover by attending our post wedding brunch and say goodbye to us before we head off on our honeymoon!
Wedding Party

Nicole Aguiar - Maid of Honor
Taylor Aguiar - Maid of Honor
Paige Martin - Bridesmaid
Jessica Schofield - Bridesmaid
Melissa Bamaca - Bridesmaid
Michelle Mariconda - Bridesmaid
Katie O'Neall - Bridesmaid
Jenni Brotz - Bridesmaid
Jasmine Aguiar - Bridesmaid
Pippa Whitmill - Flower Girl
Ries Whitmill - Flower Girl
Matt Bernstein - Best Man
Nick Foerst - Groomsman
James Sparacio - Groomsman
Blago Buychev - Groomsman
Ariel Sagalovsky - Groomsman
Marcel Wallace - Groomsman
Callum Cameron - Groomsman
Evan Ponchick - Groomsman
Russ Fitzpatrick - Groomsman
Sam Friedman - Groomsman
Shane Bamaca - Ring Bearer