Ashley & Jeff

October 12, 2018Omaha, NE

Our Story
The Story Of Us
I first heard about Jeff approximately 7 years ago. I was out with some girlfriends one night and one of them (Emily Hansen) told me about this guy that she knew. She said that her sister worked with his brother and she thought we should meet. So I did some Facebook stalking and told her that she could give him my number. The next day she told me that Jeff preferred me reach out to him first (haha). I said "no thanks " and that was that. Fast forward about 2 years later and I was out for my 27th birthday with Sarah Eichelberger and some other friends. Randomly I decided I wanted to go to the bar Boondockers. When we walked into the bar I heard someone say "hey Sarah" and I walked over to the bar to get a drink. A little while later, this guy behind me turn around and says "Hi Ashley" and I responded with "how do you know my name?!". (And I wonder why I was single for so long!? Haha). Well as you can imagine, that person was Jeff. Once we got to talking I found out that he went to grade school with Sarah. When they were talking earlier at the bar he asked what she was up to and she said that she was out for her friend Ashley's birthday. That's when he realized that I was the Ashley he was supposed to meet a few years back! As the night went on, we continued to chat and I decided to give him my number because I thought it was a crazy coincidence that we ran into each other all these years later. Jeff and I had our first date 3 weeks later. We met for drinks at The Cove. We had so much fun that we went out again the next night. We have been together ever since!
The Wedding

Friday, October 12, 2018
First Central Congregational Church
421 South 36th Street Omaha NE 68131
The Players Club Golf & Country Club
12101 Deer Creek Drive Omaha, NE 68142
Wedding Party

Josephine Carne - Flower Girl
Arianna Carne - Flower Girl
Amanda Stamp - Bridesmaid
Abby McKeon - Matron of Honor
Mikah Gay - Bridesmaid
Haley Webber - Bridesmaid
Ashley Olson - Bridesmaid
Brianna Beam - Bridesmaid
Kelley Walther - Bridesmaid
Jenn Russell - Attendant
Janae Shillito - Attendant
Maylie Gay - Bridesmaid
Mason Carne - Groomsman
Braden Carne - Groomsman
Pat McKeon - Usher
James Lieth - Usher
Cory Shillito - Usher
Dameion Cornell - Usher
Jon Krause - Groomsman
Tom Gargano - Groomsman
Dustin Gay - Groomsman
Matt Gay - Groomsman
Brad Carne - Groomsman
Dana Carne - Best Man