Our Wedding

Saturday, November 21, 2015
Ceremony and Reception
Double Creek Crossing
590 FM 1362 North, Caldwell, TX 77836
Wedding Party

Erin McCormick - Maid of Honor

Being an only child, Erin has filled both the sister and friend role all my life. While we used to fight like cats and dogs, and occasionally still do, Erin will always be the "little sister everyone wishes they had." Erin is full of laugher, sassy comments, and there is no one else I'd rather have beside me in my life, and on my wedding day, than her.

Lauren Swonke - Matron of Honor

While Lauren and I ran in the same circle growing up, we weren't best friends until after high school. Nonetheless, we have made up for the lost time with shenanigans ranging from college spring break trips, cruises to Mexico, nights spent slumber partying and gossiping, and trips including Las Vegas, California, and road-tripping to New York City. Lauren is the first one of my friends who I told about Tyler, and her and her now husband also went on mine and Tyler's first out-of-town trip, which happened to be St. Patrick's Day in New Orleans. Lauren is the one I can go to for an honest opinion, and she always takes time out of her day if I need her. She is one of the best, and I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

Kelsea Paige Merryman - Bridesmaid

While growing up, Paige was more like a sister to me than a cousin. I've seen her grow from being the only one who would eat my outside "cooked meals" consisting of dirt and rocks, cleaning my room to the background noise of Mean Girls and Parent Trap, to becoming one of my favorite partners-in-crime. Paige has grown into a spirited, hard-working young lady, and I'm so happy to have her by my side not only on my wedding day, but for the rest of my life as cousin and friend.

Mindy Hutto Komar - Bridesmaid

Mindy and I met on the Methodist Church playground when we were in Preschool. All of my childhood memories involve Mindy, from riding horses, countless birthday parties, wearing matching dresses to school, cheering together, and planning our future where we would be next door neighbors and own a horse farm together. Mindy is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and I am so excited to have her next to me on my wedding day.

Dana Cherry - Bridesmaid

When you hear of stories of people being "life-long friends", Dana and I are it. Dana and her mother are in my baby book as seeing me when I was first born, and since then, we have been bestie boos. Our families would go on camping trips during spring break, summer trips to Galveston, and a countless number of weenie roasts at the country together. Dana and I not only grew up together, but we went to college together as well, and I am so lucky to have kept that relationship my whole life and to have her beside me on my wedding day.

Alexis Brooks - Bridesmaid

Alexis and I met in college, and she is one of the sweetest people I know. We've made countless memories during, and since college, from movie nights and Halloween costume shopping, to her being the first person I flew with (lucky her), to galavanting to wineries in the Hill country like grown-ups. I was lucky enough to stand beside her when she got married, and I'm looking forward to having her next to me on my big day. (And to getting a homemade Christmas card every year like she always does :).

Veronica Boenigk - Bridesmaid

Veronica and I met a few years while we were both out and about marketing for our home health companies. A chance encounter at a doctors office turned into us making plans for a happy hour later that week, a happy hour turned into us making plans to tailgate together, and then that turned into planning the slew of trips and adventures we would soon embark on. From Chicago, to New Orleans, to Steamboat where Tyler and I got engaged (and where she taught me how to snowboard...bless her), we quickly became the best of friends. Veronica is one of the most loyal people I know, and her fierce love for her family and friends, as well as her mad calligraphy skills, are just a few of the reasons why I am so lucky to have her as my friend, and as a bridesmaid on my wedding day

Kimberly Rank - Bridesmaid

Kim and I met a few years ago, and she truly has a heart of gold. At the time, Kim was working for the Chamber of Commerce, and I had just joined and became an Ambassador for the Chamber. We would see one another at ribbon cuttings, business after hours, and other various events, but it took a few months for us to sit down and actually talk. Once we did, we realized we had a ton in common, and from that point forward we became instant friends! Kims bubbly personality, positive outlook on life, and her enormous heart for everyone around her are just a few of the reasons why I am so lucky to have her in my life, and beside me on my wedding day

Michaela Muck - Bridesmaid

Michaela and I met through Veronica, and she is a spit-fire. Have you ever heard the quote don't judge a book by the cover? Michaela is the perfect example of just that. From her small and petite frame, you never would have guessed that in our first few months of knowing one another, she got bucked off a horse during a Catalena Cowgirl performance and broke not one, but both of her arms..and then once she was healed, promptly started riding again. We have gotten to know one another extremely well in the last year, and for that I am so lucky. Michaela is not only a fabulous person, an awesome cook, and an efficient task-manager, she is also one of the most honest and genuine friends you can wish to have. I am so happy to have her by my side and help in the celebrations on my wedding day

Brian Mennes - Best Man

Brian is my oldest and best friend. We have been getting into trouble since Kindergarten. He contributed so much to me being the man I am today. He has paved the way with marriage and fatherhood. I hope that with him by my side his excellence in that role will rub off on me.

James Willson - Groomsman

"Tyler and I went to the same elementary and middle school but didn't get to know each other until freshman year orientation. We have been close friends ever since. We even managed to stay in touch as we went to different universities and moved around the country for both work and school. Over the years, we have shared countless sober and hygenic adventures while maintaining a strong sense of personal dignity. I have been lucky to have Tyler's wise advice, great sense of fun, and ready supply of chapstick as constant guiding influences in my life." -James

Thomas Lombardi - Groomsman

Whether it be pretending to be secret agents in the backyard or super heroes in the ditches of Bellaire, Thomas has provided plenty of excitement in my life. We became good friends in 3rd grade and let our imaginations run wild throughout middle school, high school, to college and beyond. Thomas has inspired me to cook, brew beer, build things, and expand my mind. My only regret is that he didn't write this because it would be way better if he did.

Well he came through:

"I've known Tyler since preschool but we didn't become friends until 3rd grade in Mrs. Gothelfs's class. Or was it Gottfields? Let's just say E.O. Lovett Elementary produced some really fantastic people. Tyler quickly became a fixture at my house and I to his. Because I've known him for over 25 years (holy shit, I can't believe that's true), I have had many many adventures with Tyler. So many video games played, so many afternoons spent in his backyard pool or on the trampoline, trying to jump off his shed roof using garbage bags as parachutes, daring each other on the rope swing at the creek on Ferris, blocking traffic behind his house with fallen branches we dragged across the street, hitting golf balls into the unknown from my backyard, so many miles traveled first by bike, then roller blades, then skateboards, then cars to get nowhere in particular. Summer days were always too short.

We got older, we went to different colleges, we lived in different towns. We still saw each other with a lot of frequency. And every time I see Tyler, nothing changes. I can't help but revert back to an earlier self when I am around him, casting off adulthood and responsibilities like a cat on fire." -Thomas

Scot Cummins - Groomsman

Scot and I became friends in middle school. He sparked my interest and technology, introducing me to the online world of bulletin board systems, usurper, and WaReZ. We carried this friendship through high school and college. He even got my head straight when I mistakenly attended tu freshmen year. For that I must say Thanks and Gig 'em

Eric Jenkins - Groomsman

"Get a life.

Sent from my iPhone" -Eric

Dustin Jenkins - Groomsman

"Hi, I'm Dustin. I'm friends with Tyler.

I met Tyler when I was 17. Like my brother and all the college friends that I mooched off of him, Tyler was way older than me (I think they were all around 47 then).

We were such instant friends, that it took till our third year of friendship (he was 62 then) for us to realize we had never actually lived in the same city.

We were so close as friends that the geographic distance between us was rendered absolutely irrelevant yadda yadda yadda.

We're a weird and dichotomous team. We're The OC meets Ho1kC. We're hand turkeys and smoke ball tattoos at 12th and Chicon. We're pirates on a river of our own making, playing flutes of nearly identical shape, size, and sound.

Tyler is me, and I can't wait to be the me that he is now (I'll be 94)." -Dustin

Marquand Schramm - Groomsman

Marq and I became friends in college. Since I'm so old that was still a really long time ago. I can always count on Marq to keep me up till 4 in the morning listening to records, watching robocop, or playing skateboard wheel of death. We've had some great times at the beach, the rodeo, or just sitting on the porch. Now if I could just get him to respond to my text messages...

Joaquin AƱon Suarez - Groomsman

Joaquin is a new arrival to my crew. I was introduced to Joaquin while Ashley and I were dating. He was dating Ashley's best friend, Lauren. I will never forget the first time he got me alone and gave me his dating advice. "Tyler, make sure she knows you are the star." I guess we can see how well that worked out for me. We've had some great adventures in New Orleans and Oktoberfest in Ohio. I look forward to many more.