Our Story
We Had A Moment

When I think about the man Tanner Holman is, this story isn't that shocking, but it always surprises people to hear about the moment we met. It was our freshman year of college, and in true Ozarks Eagle Pride, Tanner was on the sidelines of my basketball game. We disagree as to whether I was playing defense or offense, but I firmly contend I was playing defense. Anyways, while guarding a girl near the sideline, I looked over at Tanner. Mid-game, mid-flailing my arms around on defense, I make eye contact with this blonde guy on the sidelines. And, we're not talking just quick eye contact. It was both of us looking at each other, and then I told myself mid-game/mid-flailing on defense "oh weird me and that guy just had a moment: BACK TO DEFENSE."

Flash forward after the game, and I'm walking out of the locker room to meet my family. Tanner is walking back to his sideline post, and he stops me. "Hey I don't know you and you don't know me, but we had a moment!" My response to this very forward, very brave, handsome soccer player was "You're right I don't know you, but we totally had a moment." A super great friendship came from that, and continued for the next year where we spent several nights riding razor scooters around campus, taking Taco Bell runs together, and making mix cds. We were best friends first, and now we're getting married--that's my favorite part of the story.

How He Proposed

I love dogs. I just love them so much. I probably follow more dogs on instagram than humans, so Tanner Holman hit the nail on the head when he asked me to be his wife. And, hats off to the man, because I was a project that day to say the least.

We had both come back from bachelor/bachelorette weekends for our sweet friends Katie and Austin. I had been "Glamping" (glamour camping/girl camping/ glitter camping) I'm not sure, because all of those things were present. Anyways, I looked like I had been camping. No makeup. Some running clothes, and some hair crying for conditioner. We had planned to meet and take Beez (Tanner's pooch) to the dog park. Perfect outfit for the dog park right? Wrong. Little did I know, I was about to be proposed to, and Tanner (bless him) thought I might want to at least brush my hair before that happened.

Calmly he suggested "hey why don't we go to the church concert tonight after we take Beez to the park? You can just wear what you're going to wear to church there, and we'll grab dinner." MUTTS is a dog park/restaurant where you can hang out, grab some cheese fries, and play with your pup. He's good y'all. Of course I got dressed for a date night thinking nothing of his subtle hints, and then we headed to MUTTS where my main concern was whether Beez would get to meet @nelsonthegoldendoodle (a dog I follow on instagram--you should follow him).

When we got to the dog park, we decided Beez needed to lose the running harness, so he could stop putting off "I'm an aggressive dog" vibes. As Tanner knelt down to move the harness, I noticed the Rangers tags I had gotten him weren't there anymore. "Did Beez get new tags?" I asked. "Yeah, have you not seen them?" was his calm response. As I bent down to compare these "new tags" I flipped them over to read "Marry Me!" (fun fact: there is no question mark on the dog tag machine.) Tanner was on one knee, the ring was beautiful, and lots of heartfelt things were coming out of his mouth, but all I really remember is just saying "yes" a whole bunch. He had our friends and family waiting in a nearby parking lot, and I looked up to see them cheering and walking over with their pups for a dog and love filled engagement party. We forgot to actually eat at MUTTs, with all the hugging and celebrating going on, so we ended the night with In-N-Out Burger and getting super excited to be the Holmans. He's the best, and that day was the best.

Our Wedding

Saturday, September 12, 2015
5:30 PM
Mt Sequoyah
Mt Sequoyah, Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA
Arkansas Air Museum
4290 South School Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States

From the ceremony at Mt. Sequoyah, we will head right down the road to the Arkansas Air Museum for dinner, dancing, and lots of good times. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Wedding Party

Katie Townsend - Maid of Honor

Katie and Ashley met through the Detour Ministry at Mimosa Lane Baptist. After being designated the weed pullers at a Saturday morning service project, a beautiful garden of friendship blossomed. Katie works as a 6th grade teacher for Ruby Shaw Elementary in Mesquite, Texas. She loves Jesus, sloths, conspiracy theories, and a man named Austin Townsend. Her light and love for others is apparent after about 60 seconds of conversation, and she's pretty much a wonderful human. Ashley and Tanner are so thankful she will be a part of their big day.

Ally Goddard - Bridesmaid

Ally and Ashley met while playing basketball for the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas, where they enjoyed being road trip roommates and riding around on matching Snoop Dogg tricycles. Ally was also the person who encouraged Ashley to date Tanner, because he was such a great Catch Phrase player. Ally works for the Lincoln School District as a special education teacher, and is the world's greatest mama to Boston and a pooch named Gracie. Though far apart in miles, their friendship never misses a beat. Ally is the life of any party, and one of Ashley's favorite people in the world.

Lindsay Campione - Bridesmaid

Ashley and Lindsay met through the Detour Ministry at Mimosa Lane Baptist, and quickly found that they not only make an awesome pair of best friends, but that they are musical soulmates. From new Vance Joy to old Death Cab for Cutie Lindsay is usually as giddy about a song as Ashley is. Lindsay works for Edward Jones, is wife to Matt, and super mama to Selah Grace. She loves great music (obvi), is super witty, and always comes up with the best costume at any event. Ashley considers herself one lucky duck to get to do life with such an amazing human.

Alison Turner - Bridesmaid

Alison and Ashley go back as friends, teammates, and Sing Star rivals at the University of the Ozarks. It is thanks to Alison that Ashley ate her weight in cranberry muffins first semester, and developed an appreciation for flax seed oil. She is currently a teacher and girls basketball coach in Rogers, Arkansas where she lives with her hubby Tad. She is wise, a loyal friend, and always has the best hair (but really). Some of Ashley's biggest moments were walking onto the basketball court with Alison, so naturally she couldn't imagine walking down the aisle without her either. Lady Eagles for life.

Jennifer Fretwell - Bridesmaid

Jennifer Fretwell (also affectionately referred to as Katniss Everdeen) and Ashley started their beautiful friendship at the University of the Ozarks watching their guys play soccer. Soon they found they had much more in common than just cute soccer playing boyfriends. After graduation, it only took Jen 2 years to decide Texas needed her, so now they get to keep all magic going here in Dallas. Jennifer is a teacher at Beasley Elementary in Mesquite, Texas and will be marrying her soccer player in June of this year. She is the definition of a true friend, has the funniest outbursts, and loves her some Gloria's Mexican food. Ashley and Tanner are so thankful to have her in their wedding and their life.

Rachel Watley - Bridesmaid

Rachel and Ashley also started their friendship in the bleachers of the Ozarks Soccer fields, but that friendship took it's happy self to Dallas after graduation when these two small town girls decided they would take on the big city. Ashley could not have survived her first year in Dallas without Rachel's encouragement and mad baking skills. Rachel still lives in Dallas where she is an Accountant. She is a cat, chocolate, and red wine lover, and her ipod selections are also always set to get dancey--all things Ashley adores about Rachel.

Allison Childs - Bridesmaid

Allison and Ashley met during their first year of law school, and have been study buddies, friends, and roomies ever since. Allison has been one of Ashley's best supports, role models, and running buddies these past 3 years. A Houston native and die hard Aggie, Allison will graduate law school in May and return to Houston to work at Latham & Watkins LLP. She is dependable, loves the Lord with all her heart, and makes the best cheesy eggs. Ashley is so very thankful she's had the chance to share a house and now this special day with Allison.

Allyson Fitzgerald - Bridesmaid

Allyson Fitzgerald was Tanner's first love and dance buddy starting as kiddos in the back ally that connected his house to the Fitzgerald's. Her and her twin brother Alex have grown with the Holman family as more than just best friends, but truly family members. She is funny, kind, and lights up any room with her happy-go-lucky spirit. She currently lives in Galveston, Texas where she is finishing school. Ashley and Tanner are both so thankful for her light and friendship.

Alex Fitzgerald - Best Man

Alexander Marek Fitzgerald has been Tanner's best friend since they were 1. In fact, this is how they have always introduced each other to new friends since they were 1. Growing up sharing an alley that they dominated with laughter and playing, these two friends have grown to become close companions and brothers in Christ. You don't always get to say that you grew up with your best friend, but Tanner has had that honor throughout his life of soccer, tennis, Fitz n Friends, Bad Dudez, and many more clubs not named. Alex lives in New Mexico with his wife Nicole where he enjoys woodworking, coffee cupping, and showing others love.

Brandon Rodriguez - Captain Groom

Brandon became a part of the family real quick when he hugged Tanner from behind and shouted, "We're gonna be best friends!" This was also the first time Tanner met Brandon. If that wasn't Tanifest Destiny, then history knows nothing. After becoming Tanner and Kiefer's best friend, they went on to share too many good times at biker rallies, sporting events, and social gatherings. Brandon would later become instrumental for healing in Tanner's life to become truly his surrogate, adopted, and spiritual brother. Tanner and Ashley love him fiercely as family.

Austin Townsend - Lieutenant Groom

Austin W. Townsend and Tanner grew close during their time leading worship together at Mimosa Lane Baptist. Learning songs like "Hosanna" led them to singing, "I see the King of Glory, coming on like...let's be friends!" Jesus, whataburger, soccer, and music are staples in their relationship that cause them to never miss a beat when together so approach with caution when together! Austin is a loyal friend who has been a constant source of encouragement for Tanner. Tanner is pumped to have him beside him on his wedding day. He is also the husband of Ashley's maid of honor, Katie Townsend.

Ethan Grinnell - Groom's Gunner

Ethan Grinnell is Tanner's number 1 Go-To-Guy when looking for a fun, yet intimate time. Ethan was right there in all of the action during high school: Bad Dudez, Naughty Girlz (softball team), Ideas in a Cup, and just general mischief. Through high school, through college, and now through life, Ethan has been consistent in his brotherly love, insight, and his ability to just be present with Tanner. Tanner also enjoys when Ethan talks about torque, being jacked, and anything disc golf.

Ben Powell - Groom's Grammar Man

Ben Powell is Tanner's Grand Friend from the Boons where there are Toons at High Noons. As you can tell, they enjoy several inside jokes together. Their friendship knows no end as they have spent many a night pondering the big questions of life with a movie, a fireplace, and a big bottle of Ginger Ale. But seriously, their friendship began when Ben encouraged Tanner to buy a shirt from Target with a lion on it. Ben has been a constant source of encouragement, not only in shirt purchases, but also in Christ and love. Ashley and Tanner are so thankful for his friendship.

Travis Murnan - Groom's Groove

Oklahoma born and bred, Travis came to Arkansas with a dream to be a bench warmer with Tanner freshman year of college. They enjoyed these times together only to blossom into game time starters and true winners in their hearts. They grew close while sharing only a wall between them in the Laster House of Arkansas. Many bedtime stories were told. He is a Manchester fan, but Tanner loves him too much to end their friendship over that. Travis currently lives in Dallas where he works as an actuary. He's really good at math. Tanner and Ashley consider themselves two lucky ducks to have Travis as a friend and in their wedding.

Logan Hornback - Groom's Gatekeeper

Logan and Tanner truly became friends on the soccer field. Uniting together in purple and gold, they enjoyed many wins, goals, and hard fought battles. They later became roommates by good fortune and shared lots of great times in Clarksville, Arkansas's coolest house--The Laster House. They both share an undying love for Arsenal. Ashley was scared of Logan when they first met back in college, but has since learned he has the heart of 60 year old man, and is really just a softy. He currently lives in Dallas where he is an accountant. Tanner and Ashley are so excited to have Old Man Logan with them for their big day.

Tyler Teague - Groomsbro

Tyler Teague is the Baby Broseph to Ashley, and someone she admires dearly. They didn't really become best friends until Tyler finally hit a growth spurt and learned how to beat her in basketball (his pride was just too great until that point). Things still get heated in any competitive arena. Tyler loves collecting old seasons of sitcoms (like King of Queens and the Cosby Show), eating chips & salsa, The Dallas Cowboys, and 90s music. Tyler lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas and is currently finishing up his English degree at University of Arkansas Fort Smith. Tanner is super pumped to be getting a new brother, and loves Tyler's jokes.