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RuneScape Freeplay Guide: Bank Notes rs07 gold
RuneScape Freeplay Guide: Bank Notes rs07 gold

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Perhaps you're wondering about what a 'Bank Note' is, or you'djust like to know how it's possible to trade large amounts of items in a single trade screen. Even though they are relatively simple to understand, some players aren't sure of what they are, so this guide will hopefully explain them better.

The r a certain number of the same type of item. Notes cannot be used until they are exchanged for the actual item they represent. Each Bank Note represents a single item, and a picture of the item appears on the note. To the left is an image of ten Rune Ore Bank Notes. Ores are not usually stackable, but they are when they are in noted form.

Notes representing the same item will always stack in your inventory, and each stack of Bank Notes can hold over two billion notes. Notes will only stack if the noted item is exactly the same, so items such as potions with different doses, or enchanted jewelry with different amounts of charges will not be stackable in noted form. So much rs07 gold is very useful.

There are certain items which cannot be noted. This includes stackable items such as arrows, untradeable items, and quest items.

Obtaining Bank Notes

Bank Notes can be obtained from either a Bank or from the Grand Exchange.


Items can be exchanged for Notes when you withdraw them from your bank. When you access your bank account, you'll see a button at the bottom-center of the bank window, to the left of the bank slot usage indicator.

  • Not pressed: Your items will be withdrawn as regular items. This is the default option.

  • Pressed: Your items will be withdrawn as Bank Notes.

Grand Exchange

Items may be withdrawn from the Grand Exchange in either noted or un-noted form. By default, if only a single item is witdrawn from the Grand Exchange, it is taken in un-noted form. When more than one item is withdrawn at once, the items will be in noted form. Alternatively, players may right-click the item to select how they would like to withdraw it from the Grand Exchange.

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