Our Story
An unexpected new beginning

Sometimes life's path is winding and sometimes the terrain a little more bumpy and unexpected than anticipated. And as most of you know our story, it is no different. But as we often say to one another, "I love us!". Our love story is one uniquely woven by God, who by the way, has a very peculiar and hilarious sense of humor! It's one that we both thank God for every single day.

Our friendship really began back in the summer of 2015. Ashley was going to school and working full-time, and Brett was hustling as always with work. It was a busy and full season of life, but as we're getting older, it seems like that may just be how life is. But in the midst of these busy and long days, we would find the time to have coffee, grab some pizza, take walks, and chat about life, parenting, community, purpose and our faith. We quickly uncovered what God probably knew all along...how similarly wired we are.

And this foundation of making time for one another amidst the crazy busy season of life, soon created a solid foundation for us to move forward together.

We are thrilled for each and every one of you journeying with us on our path, and we are more than thrilled to celebrate altogether in this upcoming season!


Brett and Ashley

The Wedding

Saturday, June 9, 2018
1:30 PM
Ceremony and Reception
St Matthew's Church
2300 Ford Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA
This is a family friendly event, so kids are definitely welcome. We’ll have a bounce house and balloon animals for the kids, along with childcare during the service and most of the reception.
Wedding Party

Noah Lyskoski - Ring Bearer
Jonathan Kelly - Best Man
Ted de la Haye - Groomsman
Chris Henry - Groomsman
Matthew Smith - Groomsman
John Bothwell - Groomsman
Holden Kelly - Groomsman
Jared Charity - Groomsman
Chris Johnson - Groomsman
Darren Pitchford - Groomsman
Anastasia Becher - Flower Girl
Lindsay Pitchford - Matron of Honor
Mallory O’Brien - Bridesmaid
Denise Manandik - Bridesmaid
Erika Jallins - Bridesmaid
Viviana Dean - Bridesmaid
Lindsay Charity - Bridesmaid
Michelle Kelly - Bridesmaid
Eleanora Kelly - Bridesmaid
Brittney Lyskoski - Bridesmaid