Bearizona is a wildlife park just outside of Flagstaff in Williams Arizona. Aside from the typical zoo experience visitors can view wolves, bear, and bison up close from the comfort of their own car as they drive through the park. Keep those doors locked and windows up! Misty and I enjoyed both the zoo and the drive through park. If you have enough time take the guided bus tour through the park to hear all about the park and the amazing animals roaming about.

Located 1 hour north of Chino valley.

Grand Canyon Railway

Thinking about visiting the Grand Canyon? Why not see it in style on the Grand Canyon Railway? Ride a restored, vintage locomotive across the Arizona high country on your way to see the Grand Canyon.

Located 1 hour north of Chino Valley.

Grand Canyon National Park

See Arizona's great big hole in the desert! The South Rim of the Grand Canyonmakes for an easy day trip from Chino Valley.

Located 2 hours north of Chino Valley.

Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park

The memorial to the real-life heros who were depicted in the 2017 film Only the Brave is located just over an hour south of Chino Valley at the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park. You could hike out to the fatality site but the rigorous 8 mile round trip hike wouldn't be advisable in late June. Instead pay your respects at the memorial located roadside at the base of the trail.

Mike Rowe helped to honor the fallen firefighters in an episode of his Facebook show, Returning The Favor. Check out the episode titled Honoring the Brave to learn more.

Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle is a Native American village built into the side of a cliff overlooking the Verde River. This National Park is an impressive trip into ancient America.

Located 1 hour east of Chino valley.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park

The Out of Africa wildlife park has a broad range of animals on display. Where this park really shines is its Tiger Splash show in which animal handlers and trained tigers put on a show. You may remember it from When Animals Attack, no joke. For an additional fee even you can feed a tiger!

Located 1 hour east of Chino Valley.

Verde Canyon Railroad

Tour the Verde Valley and the red rocks of Sedona aboard a vintage rail car on the Verde Canyon Rail Road.

Located 1 hour east of Chino Valley.

Barnstar Brewing Company

Barnstar Brewery is located 15 minutes South West of Prescott and is only open on weekends. This tiny brewery keeps 12 of their own beers on tap and Misty and Chris can attest to the quality. The hazelnut chocolate porter is to die for! If you're hungry, they serve pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs.

If you have the time this one is definitely worth the trip.

Located 45 minutes south west of Chino Valley.

Prescott Brewing Company

Prescott Brewing Company (PBC) is located in the heart of downtown Prescott smack dab in the middle of countless antique and boutique stores. In addition to a wide array of quality suds PBC serves outstanding food. The bangers and mash are Chris's go-to and their Achocolypse Chocolate Porter and Liquid Amber Ale are two beers not to miss.

Located less than 30 minutes south of Chino Valley.

Superstition Meadery

Superstition Meadery is located in the Old Capitol Market in downtown Prescott, across from the historic city court house. What is mead you ask? Also known as honey wine, mead is an alcohol made from fermenting honey and considered to be the oldest fermented beverage in human history. Rated the #1 meadery in the United States, Superstition Meadery also produces the #1 rated cider in the world! Misty and Chris always keep a bottle of their award winning cider Blueberry Spaceship Box on hand.

Located less than 30 minutes south of Chino Valley.

THAT Brewery

THAT Brewery is one of Misty and Chris's favorites. Each time they camp in Payson they visit the location in Pine. A couple of their favorites are their Strawberry Blonde and Amber Ales. If you're hungry, and they have it, try the elk chili!

Located 1 hour east of Chino Valley.


Flagstaff is Northern Arizona's college town and the place where Misty grew up and went to college. Flagstaff boasts and impressive number of breweries as well as a number of quaint shops in it's downtown. Flagstaff is also home to Misty and Chris's favorite used bookstore, Bookmans. Sure there are other locations in Arizona but the one in Flagstaff has the best selection by far.

Misty and Chris took their first hike here up the Kachina Peaks trail. There are many hiking and outdoor opportunities in and around Flagstaff. It's high altitude makes for a pretty mild summer so take the opportunity to get outside!

Despite all the shopping, hiking, and beer Flagstaff is best known as the home of the Lowell Observatory where, in 1930, Pluto was discovered. Locals are still a bit butt hurt about their discovery being reduced to a dwarf planet.

Located 1.5 hours north east of Chino Valley.


Jerome is an 1800s mining town perched precariously on the side of Cleopatra Hill between Prescott and Flagstaff. Infact, the 30 degree incline has caused several of the cities buildings to slide down the hill. You can even visit the famous Sliding Jail!

Why visit? Jerome is home to several tasting rooms for regional wines, boasts a variety of artsy fartsy shops, and is perhaps best known for it's several 'haunted' attractions like the Jerome Grand Hotel which was once a hospital. If you're hungry we suggest The Haunted Hamburger.

Located 1 hour east of Chino Valley.


Prescott (pronounced Press-kit, like biscuit, it's a proper noun so get over it), with it's historic court house and old timey shoppes has always reminded Chris of a bit of Atascadero and San Luis Obispo. Park your car in the downtown and walk to several antique stores, a couple ice cream shops, and a bunch of bars, breweries, and restaurants. Immediately outside of town there is lots of hiking, camping, and fishing to be had. Spend any amount of time here and you'll see why it's one of Misty and Chris's favorite places to visit.

Located less than 15 minutes south of Chino Valley.


Sedona is a site to behold. Beautiful Redrock formations and mild weather (by Phoenician standards) makes Sedona an ideal hiking destination. In fact, Chris proposed to Misty on just such a hike. Standing out on the precarious rock formation known as Devil's Bridge Chris dropped to one knee and tried not to look down. If you have the time to spare even a drive through Sedona is worth the trip.

Mike Rowe paid homage to the the little city in an episode of his podcast The Way I Heard It that, if you're into history, is worth a listen.

Located 1.5 hours east of Chino Valley.