The Wedding

Saturday, June 23, 2018
4:00 PM
Attire: Formal
Ceremony and Reception
Granite Ridge Estate & Barn
65 Delano Drive
Cocktail Hour at 5:00 PM and Dinner & Dancing to follow at 6:00 PM. We are looking forward to being with you!
The Wedding Party that Brings the Party!

Ayla - Matron of Honor

Its always a whimsical ride when I am with this pretty lady! Our love for coffee and food created a bond so strong.... that everything else that makes this friendship fun and unique fit in so perfectly. She is one of the most inspiring hospitality leaders I know, and her ginger snaps cookies are the best I have ever had.

One of my favorite memories together: Watching two seasons of Downton Abby in 72 hours during our Southern USA roadtrip... and creating a bucket list for our last summer together and seizing New England!

Her favorite hobby: Bullet journaling

Christina Ruggiero - Bridesmaid

I do not need a radio when this gorgeous girl is around me! She is artistic, can sing to you all the Donna Summer's you want, she is on her way to get her Doctorate's degree, and she is my future sister in law <3.

One of my favorite memories together: The first day we had a first sister bonding day; we tried on a Korean facial mask that bubbled like an angry cloud as minutes passed by, watched America's Next Top Model in the parents bedroom, and ran errands that day. It was effortless, and an experience I have lacked in since I am an only child.

Her favorite hobby: Creating music, specifically a capella. Empowering women by increasing their confidence!

Diana - Bridesmaid

I am so thankful for the day you asked me if you could ride together with me during our last high school years. Down to earth, go getter, sassy, and one of the most rational human beings- she is the equalizer ever group of friends need!

One of my favorites memories together: The first time I got inebriated off melon liqueur at a girls sleepover circa 2006.... we have learned so much! =)

Her favorite hobby: Traveling

Fabi - Bridesmaid

Consistent, generous, thoughtful and the girl you go to if you need make up advice! She has always been there to support me through all struggles and sunshines of life! She adores buying books and probably has the largest collection of them, plus perfumes.

One of my favorite memories together: Being able to come over in 4 minutes and put our sweat pants and fuzzy socks on and watch movies and her spooling me with open faced polish sandwiches and tea!

Her favorite hobby: Reading ALL the books

Xiomara - Bridesmaid

One of the most educated people I know, open minded, music lover, and always eager to achieve more. She is so multi dimensional, that she can keep up with anyone!

One of my favorite memories together: Learning that one can not melt chocolate for cake decorating in a sauce pan with oil (we were 10 years old). And, our adventure in Santa Barbara when she traveled from Colombia to visit me in California in 2014.

Her favorite hobby: Educating herself more and more everyday, eating chocolate, and yoga

Manuela - Bridesmaid

Like my little sister, her and I had the best sleep overs when I lived in Colombia. Manuela is a ray of sunshine in anyone's life, and she also knows how to seize every day! She is very proud of her Colombian culture and represents it so well no matter where she is in the world.

One of my favorite memories together: Spending time in the farm house in San Jeronimo, Antioquia... and becoming red lobsters by the end of our extensive pool day. Afterwards, we had to lather ourselves with milk of magnesium to calm our skin!

Her favorite hobby: Riding with her boyfriend on the motorcycle and exploring towns in Colombia

Christina DeBerry - Bridesmaid

One of the sweetest, unselfish, and honest people I know. She was my first friend when I returned to the US after living in Colombia for four years. We have witnessed each other grow into the wonderful ladies we are today.

One of my favorite memories together: Sneaking onto the rooftop of her house in Middletown during a hot summer night, and eating ice cream as we star gazed =) we ate ice cream and olives....I know! We sure know hot to pair food.

Her favorite hobby: Doing DIY projects

Maria Elena - Bridesmaid

My mermaid from California! Our friendship is built on having an easy going attitude, our love for the beach, and margaritas. She is a lover of life, a very accepting soul, and a true Cali Colombian girl.

One of my favorite memories together: Camping at Leo Carrillo in Malibu and admiring the nature that surrounded us, hiking the next morning and just hanging out by the beach.

Her favorite hobby: Reading about space as she hangs at the beach, eating burritos and sipping on a cold IPA beer.

Kymmy - Bridesmaid

This beautiful girl is a fun box full of talents; she is an amazing drawer, she can fix almost any mechanical issue with your car, and she always has a joke up her sleeve (ALWAYS). She was my partner in crime when we studied automotive in high school. She has one of the purest hearts I know =)

One of my favorite memories together: The time we skipped school and drove to Middletown, and you taught me how to fight....and then we danced to our " Hips Don't Lie".

Her favorite hobby: Hiking

Joseph Ruggiero - Best Man

“Joe Buddeh”

My brother is my best friend and most trusted advisor. This man is a force to be reckoned with when he puts his mind to something and has been a role model for determination for as long as I can remember. I can talk to my brother about anything without being hit with judgment or a lecture. He knows what he is talking about on soooo many subjects but doesn’t feel the need to remind you of it. From playing with our G.I. Joe “mens” as kids to an awesome six weeks as roommates in California, I have some incredible memories with my big brother.
I trust that this man always has my best interest in mind. I know this for certain because one of my favorite “Joseph stories” is literally the ONLY time I can ever remember him doing me dirty. Original Nintendo. approx ’96-’97. Joseph convinced me to punt in “Tecmo Superbowl” every time I had the ball. Oh... I think he also might have pushed me into a radiator once when we were little. Otherwise, Joe is awesome.

Chris Thomann - Groomsman

“Thomann Buddeh”

Thomann has been like a brother to me since high school but it always feels like its been longer. Through some of my best memories and difficult adversity, he has been loyal and truly the picture of consistently. He is a genuine friend to everyone. We are so happy to have him back from 12 years in the Air Force. This is your time now, brotha! One of the most talented drummers I’ve ever heard, most of my memories are of jam sessions in one of our basements. If we weren’t playing music, we were definitely scaring people on the street by shouting pleasantries prompting their confusion and our joy. I love his sense of humor balanced with his ability to keep it all together in any situation.

Joe Miller - Groomsman

“Joey” <sorry lol

My longest running friendship. Joe Miller, the extremely talented rock star, used to be Joey, the cool lady from the consignment shop’s son who “is about my age.” He loves sports, he was into movies and he had awesome toys. Even better, he loved great music. For the first time, even more then I did. We started playing guitar around the same time but it was always different for Joe. He worked so hard to become a human jukebox, never mind a great lyricist and songwriter. I hope to catch up after way too long while he was visiting California and as expected we picked right back up where we left off. I hope that we continue to grow together and lean on each other through some exciting years ahead. I am so proud of this guy, after 20 years of friendship we still don’t miss a beat!

Justin Perry - Groomsman

“JP” -“Perry” -“Farva”

When you share important chapters of your life with people, they become special forever. Perry is a guy that tells it like it is and lets you know when it isn’t. As a Law Enforcement Officer, he could take you down real quick if you step out of line but he also knows a ton of Broadway lyrics and performs them well enough to beat out the “drama kids” for leading roles on several occasions. Which is both scary and awesome. This man is so focused. He set his mind on his goal and never strayed.

Ever since moving to Peabody, Perry has had my back even though I challenge a ton of what he believes in. He is always (…or often..) willing to listen and for someone who has seen what he has, I think that’s pretty cool. I had the honor of standing by this man at his wedding last year and I am so happy he agreed to stand with me on mine!

Patrick Horrigan - Groomsman

“Paddy McHorrigan” …also just “Pat”

Pat and I started out as rivals in middle school. I still do not know how we got so competitive with each other but I am glad we did. Pat split his time between football and music/ theater which broke the status quo a bit and exposed a group of people to things they would otherwise not have been interested in, on both sides.

Pat and I really became close in our sophomore year when teen life got “hard” and I needed someone, he was there. He never really left. We have a trust and belief in each other, which feeds both determination and reassurance. Along with countless other stories, Pat and I stole several gnomes from people’s yards in HS (along with Perry & Kevin) in my mini-van before parties in the basements where they would then live. To this day, Pat is the “go to” for most situations and he never lets me down.

Kevin Michael Morin - Groomsman

"Kevvvvvv Buddeh" "Kevie Shoreline"

It’s funny now to think that I initiated a 15 yearlong friendship by arrogantly offering to teach someone to play guitar who (unbeknownst to me) was actually a year older and had played in local bands already. Kevin let it go and we rehearsed our shared part in “Grease” together, all the while noticing a similarity in our musical interests and style. We have since written many songs together and have inspired each other musically through many of our accomplishments. We push each other but always support each other as well.

Kevin has also been with me through most of my craziest stories so anyone looking for a different perspective on something that happened in my life, Kevin has almost definitely been involved or at least aware if it occurred from ’02 on. I am so lucky to have this crazy well-rounded, chameleon of a friend and brother in my life.

Ryan Roderick - Groomsman

“Roddy” “RyRod”

Ryan and I had so many mutual friends growing up that I think one day we just accepted it and become great friends. He was involved in everything so he knew everyone. As I met more people, Ryan was always there, usually dominating whatever was going on. He was always friendly and encouraging but we always had different after school stuff. We then both decided to go to Johnson and Wales and the rest is history. Over 6+ years in RI, Ryan and I shared some very dirty apartments and awesome memories with a whole group of people that neither of us might have met without the other. This guy inspires me to get out of my comfort zone and calls me on my shit when I need it. I am truly grateful that Ryan agreed to be part of the wedding!

Rupesh Madav - Groomsman


Always friends in college, our relationship grew stronger out of the awesome circumstance of Pesh and I both staying in Providence after undergrad. During that time we had a much smaller crew and more significant jobs so we bonded over going through that maturing period together. Things took another giant leap for us when another, much less awesome circumstance put us in a car accident the day before we were supposed to visit his mom in California (Kevin and Pat were already there too; another story). From then on, I think Pesh and I just had an understanding that we would be there for each other, through all the different phases. Through Pesh’s friendship, I have been exposed to awesome cultural and social experiences and met some incredible people. This man works his ass off to build onto what some people would just take advantage of. Pesh is a great example of being proud of your foundation while staying motivated to build for yourself!

Peter Andrews - Groomsman

“Loves V Necks”

I met Peter at several points through mutual friends before really getting close in grad school. Our lives had a lot of parallels and we were both going through similar programs at JWU so we build a friendship on those experiences. Peter followed his passion for the wine biz to northern California while I was living in Long Beach so naturally we picked right up where we left off. Since that time, Peter and I have shared holidays, taken many weekend trips, met for sports games and really whatever else as an excuse to get together.

I appreciate Peter’s spirit and constant desire to improve himself, in some way. He looks great in a V-neck t-shirt and he can do just about anything really well, pretty much whenever he wants to. I am so stoked that this business savvy hippie is able to come out and stand by me for my wedding!

Gian Carlo Coelho - Groomsman

“G” “Gianni”

My little cousin who now towers over me, Gian Carlo bares the name of one of the most important men in my life. Our grandpa, Carlo. I remember when my aunt told us she was having G and I remember when I found out his name. I remember the first time that I realized he looked like him and I know that he would be super proud of both of us today!

I missed so much time with this dude between school and living out west but he lets me make up for it when we can. When sleeping over my apt in Long Beach, Gianni got to meet Cristina before we were even together but I think he was rooting for us the whole time. Movie nights, rock climbing day, and every family event, I enjoy hanging with G. I so excited to see all he will accomplish with his talents. Thanks for being part of our day, lil cuz!