Cynthia & Jonathan

July 4, 2021Richmond, VA

Our Story
Our Story

There once was a boy who was awesome. Then there was this girl and she was awesome too...and this is why you don't ask Jon to tell our story.

Jon and Cynthia met at a mutual friend's graduation party. Despite having had multiple opportunities to meet prior to this evening, this was their first party together. Through mingling, they got to talking about baseball, and that's about all we remember from that evening. (I mean come on, it was four years ago). The next morning Cynthia received a Facebook message from some weird guy named Jon. (Everyone called him Lang at the party). They agreed to meet up for dinner and drinks and the rest is history!

The Wedding

Sunday, July 4, 2021
Ceremony and Reception
The Jefferson Hotel
101 West Franklin Street, Richmond, VA